A London Eye Clinic’s Top Five Tips For Summer

When heading into the summer season and looking forward to relaxing on the beach or enjoying the outdoors, everyone worries about protecting their skin.  Equally as important, your eyes also fall victim to the harmful rays of the sun.  Besides choosing the most fashionable pair of shades, we at London Vision Clinic believe it is important to opt for the best shades that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Beach and sunglasses

At times, it seems difficult to differentiate between which sunglasses are better for your eyes.  Most sunglasses today must meet health standards but how far does that go? Does that mean your eyes are completely safe?

It is always helpful to ask a sales associate not just the general question but more detailed questions. We would recommend asking questions such as, “Does this pair have mirrored coatings?” or “Does this pair have polarized lenses?”  Asking these questions will enable you to find the best looking pair but more importantly the safest pair of sunglasses.

With all the information available today, how does one choose the safest pair of glasses?  Here’s our top five tips to help you protect your eyes as well as enjoy the summer rays:

  • It is never a bad idea to wear a brimmed hat to provide your eyes extra protection from the sun;
  • Look for glasses that wrap around the side of your face.  This provides added protection and prevents rays from entering through the sides;
  • The darker the better.  Darker lenses will help protect your eyes more than lighter lenses.  Best way to check the darkness of the lens would be to look through a mirror and check if you can see your eyes;
  • Ask if your desired sunglasses are coated on the inside;
  • Lastly, always opt for 100% UV protection.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine!

A London Eye Clinic’s Top Five Tips For Summer

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