A Passion For Fashion

Feet, teeth and chocolate – as well as eyes – would all be topics of conversation when Desiree Todd gets together with her parents and sisters in her native Northern Ireland.

London Vision Clinic Optometrist Desiree Todd
Desiree Todd

While with her family (Ballymena – between Belfast and the north coast – is the nearest town), the London Vision Clinic optometrist could take advantage of having her feet and her smile checked out while nibbling on the latest chocolate combination … because her father is a chiropodist; one sister is an orthodontist and the other has an enviable career as a chocolate designer.

It is also highly probable that clothes and shoes would be discussed as Desiree has a passion for fashion. With her innate sense of style and model figure, it surprised no one that she was voted “Most Stylish/Chic” by her colleagues at the recent London Vision Clinic awards.

Although Desiree studied optometry and visual sciences at Manchester University, she has always been artistic and was torn between a career in the arts or sciences – in fact she also completed a post graduate course in modern art history at Oxford.

Today Desiree is able to satisfy her artistic streak as a dedicated follower of fashion with a special interest in shoes. (Nicholas Kirkwood is her favourite designer and she is not a fan of Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik  – “too blingy and not comfortable”). She has also been a regular contributor to online magazines – Manchester Fashion Network, Supersweet (which specialises in accessories) and Clique magazines – where she has reviewed catwalk designs and written about current trends and predictions.

Nowadays there is little time for fashion journalism. As well as her demanding career, Desiree continues to study – in the form of a post graduate course in laser cataract and refractive surgery. She is also, in her own words: “pretty sporty” – an understatement when one considers that her keep fit regime includes running, rowing, swimming, the gym and playing squash and tennis. In Northern Ireland she was a show jumping competitor and is now able to keep her love of horses alive by taking up polo.

“I probably exercise more now – since I have had Laser Eye Surgery – than before”, she admits.

Some gorgeous shoes spotted at the awards' party

Like many other members of the London Vision Clinic team, Desiree had also suffered from poor eyesight (she had a minus 10 prescription) before her surgery two years ago and had worn contact lenses since the age of 15.

Having been through Laser Eye Surgery herself, Desiree is especially well equipped to understand the concerns of her patients who she sees both before and after their surgery.

“As an optometrist, I am responsible for initial screening and determining suitability for surgery as well as seeing them (the patients)  for their postoperative check-ups.

“Some simply cannot believe the results and are still raving about it”, she said.

One especially happy patient is Desiree’s golfing dad who, since his surgery at the London Vision Clinic, now enjoys seeing clearly his golf card as well as the fairway.