Are Laser Eye Surgery Costs Covered By Insurance?

The short (and not particularly helpful) answer to whether Laser Eye Surgery costs are covered by private medical insurance is “sometimes”.

The slightly longer (and hopefully more helpful) answer is this:

For most patients, Laser Eye Surgery is an elective procedure (i.e. not medically required) and therefore the costs are NOT likely to be covered by your insurance policy.

All private health insurance policies are different though, and there are exceptions, which could mean that your Laser Eye Surgery costs could be covered, so you need to check with your insurance provider.

Such exceptions could include cases where the refractive error (prescription) is a result of an injury or surgical procedure, where the refractive error is extremely high, or if you are unable to wear glasses or contact lens due to lens intolerance or allergies.

If you are covered for Laser Eye Surgery, there may be limits, exclusions or excesses to pay for certain types of treatment, so again, it’s worth double checking the details of your cover before committing to treatment.

If you have any questions on the cost of Laser Eye Surgery, or you are not sure who to contact, give us a call at London Vision Clinic on 0207 224 1005 and we’ll do our best to help.