Conditions Affecting Your Suitability For Laser Eye Treatment



Turned down elsewhere? Let us assess your laser eye treatment suitability

We treat many patients that were turned down elsewhere.

Our laser eye surgeons are equipped and experienced to undertake the most challenging laser eye surgery patients. However, there are those who are not suitable for laser eye treatment that they cannot treat.

Obviously, this can come as a disappointment to patients who are extremely motivated to have their vision corrected.

Fortunately, for some, certain conditions are only a temporary barrier, and with our help, some of these patients do eventually qualify for laser eye surgery. The following is a list of conditions that you will want to tell your patient care coordinator at your first phone call.

Reasons affecting suitability for laser eye treatment

There are some general conditions that make laser eye surgery either inadvisable or, indeed, impossible. There are also eye problems that are not treatable with laser eye surgery.

You may also wish to consider your lifestyle and occupation. Some jobs specifically disallow certain forms of refractive surgery and if you engage in particularly robust contact sports, such as boxing, it may be inadvisable.

Once again, if you have any doubts at all, contact a patient care coordinator on 0207 224 1005 to discuss your particular situation.

Common questions about suitability for laser eye surgery:

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Do you have further questions about your suitability for laser eye treatment?

You are most welcome to contact a patient care coordinator on 020 7224 1005 to discuss your eye problem, or your suitability for laser eye surgery at London Vision Clinic.

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