Questions to Ask Before Laser Eye Surgery

Deciding to go through with Laser Eye Surgery is a big step that can raise a lot of questions. At London Vision Clinic, we encourage our patients to ask as many questions as necessary and strive to make the answers as accessible as possible.

We understand that having your questions answered is essential to alleviating any concerns or hesitation you may feel prior to your treatment. Furthermore, discussing your concerns is essential for building a trusting relationship with your chosen clinic. To this end, we provide as much opportunity as possible for prospective patients (as well as past and existing patients) to ask experts at our clinic in person or over the phone any questions they may have. Furthermore, we aim to make things as easy as possible by publishing helpful resources on our website to give you all the information you need.

So, let’s take a look at some of the questions we are commonly asked by patients considering or awaiting Laser Eye Surgery.

How long is the initial screening appointment?

At London Vision Clinic, we know the importance of a rigorous screening programme. At your initial screening appointment, we assess every aspect of your general and eye health to determine your overall suitability for treatment. This is arguably the most important stage in the whole Laser Eye Surgery process.

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As expert Laser Eye Surgeon, Mr. Glenn Carp, explains in the video above, the initial screening is divided into three phases:

During the first of these phases, you will spend some time with one of our patient care coordinators who will run through some important information around the process. You will then spend time with one of our clinic nurses and undergo some scans and tests that will provide us with detailed information about your eye health and factors that might affect your suitability.

Finally, one of our optometrists will run through our findings from these tests. They will discuss with you everything you need to know about the treatment and give you an opportunity to ask any questions. At the end of your appointment, we will discuss with you the risks, pros, and cons of having Laser Eye Surgery, should you be suitable for treatment. This process usually takes around 2-3 hours.

Can I bring anyone with me when I have Laser Eye Surgery?

Going for surgery can be a scary prospect. It is only natural to want to bring a friend or family member for support and reassurance on the day of your procedure – and this is completely welcomed and even encouraged!

At London Vision Clinic, you are welcome to bring one or two people to the clinic with you. This can not only be comforting while you wait for your treatment, but it can also be helpful when the treatment process and recovery regime are being explained to you – after all, two sets of ears are better than one! Of course, our clinic staff will always be on hand to answer any questions or concerns.

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During your treatment, only medical personnel and clinic staff will be permitted to enter the treatment room. This is to ensure standards are upheld. But don’t worry – your companion(s) can meet you in the recovery room following your procedure.

How long does Laser Eye Surgery treatment take?

For those who are a little anxious about the procedure itself, it is good to know that the surgical part of your treatment only takes a matter of minutes! Most of your time at the clinic on the day of your surgery is spent either preparing you for your treatment or allowing you some time to recover following the procedure.

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As our expert Laser Eye Surgeon, Professor Dan Reinstein explains in the video below, the Laser Eye Surgery procedure tends to only take 4-5 minutes! Which brings us to our next question…

Do you treat both eyes at the same time?

When arranging your Laser Eye Surgery appointments, it can be useful to know how many times you will need to visit the clinic. For example, you may wonder whether you will receive treatment on each eye on different days.

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As Professor Reinstein explains in the video above, treatment is carried out on each eye separately. This means that our surgeons ensure that treatment has been successful on the first eye before moving on to treat the second; (as Prof. Reinstein notes, treatment is successful 999 times out of 1,000 straight away!).

However, we do perform surgery on both eyes during the same treatment session (i.e., on the same day). In the past, it was necessary to wait a while to see how successful treatment on the first eye was before treatment on the second eye would go ahead. Of course, with advancements in technology, patients are now only required to enter the treatment room once, unless they would benefit from an enhancement procedure.

How should I be getting home after Laser Eye Surgery?

Whether you live in London or are staying in a hotel on the night of your surgery, getting home can be a source of worry for patients. But don’t worry! It is not essential to have someone accompany you or collect you from your appointment and our clinic staff is available to help you with your travel arrangements.

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However, as Mr. Glenn Carp explains in the video above, we ask patients to keep their eyes closed as much as possible in the first few hours after Laser Eye Surgery. This is because your eyes will be more sensitive than usual. For this reason, we advise against using public transport after your surgery and recommend using a taxi to get home or back to your hotel.

Where is London Vision Clinic located?

If you’re interested in Laser Eye Surgery at one of the leading clinics in the world – our Harley Street clinic is the place to go. Our address is 138 Harley Street, London W1G 7LA. We are just beside Regent’s Park in the heart of London.

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We chose this area because of its accessibility both for people in London and for those travelling for treatment from other areas of the country and abroad. We’re within easy reach of the London Underground and many major bus routes. The shops, sights and attractions of Oxford Street and the West End are just minutes away.

Check out some other commonly asked questions below and follow the links for a detailed answer and video:

If you still have any more questions about the Laser Eye Surgery procedure or your suitability for treatment, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators. Ready to take the next step? Book a Consultation today.