Asking Questions About Laser Eye Surgery

Black and white question marks in a grey background

Deciding to go through with any corrective eye surgery is a big step. When making a major life changing decision, asking questions should be an essential part of the process and, at London Vision Clinic, we want you to know that you are entitled to ask as many questions as you like. Having your questions and concerns addressed helps to alleviate anxiety, build a relationship of trust between you and your surgeon, and offer reassurance; there is no pressure to rush to the end result. We strive to make sure that all of our patients and prospective patients feel as comfortable and secure as possible, and we know that a big part of feeling comfortable is knowing that all of your queries have been thoroughly dealt with.

It’s completely natural to want the Laser Eye Surgery process to be explained in a lot of detail. After all, your sight is probably one of your most valued assets! Mary was very happy with the level of detail with which the process was explained at London Vision Clinic. She felt that she was well-informed about each and every step of the procedure and the wealth of information that was provided to her ultimately led her to make a well-educated decision to go through with the surgery. She is very happy with her results and would recommend London Vision Clinic’s services to her family and friends. This is the level of comfort that we strive to achieve at London Vision Clinic – where questions aren’t just permitted, but are encouraged and welcome.