Can I Bring Anyone With Me When I Have Laser Eye Surgery?

At the London Vision Clinic we welcome patients to bring a relative or a friend along to their treatment on the day of your Laser Eye Surgery.  Colleagues or the patient’s family are very welcome to sit in with them when the nurses explain through their medications prior to the actual treatments and they are also welcome to join them straight after the procedure in the recovery area.  During the actual treatment process, we restrict entry into the laser room only for medically trained staff or personnel.  This is for two reasons; not only to satisfy clinic’s operating standards but we always worry about people who are not trained to be in an operating room that they may end up de-sterilising certain pieces of equipment.

You are welcome to bring 1 to 2 people with you to the clinic on the day of the procedure, however we only allow clinical personnel in the theatre.

Mr Glenn Carp explains how patients are welcome to bring anyone with them when they have the procedure.

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“I was extremely short sighted and had spent my life struggling but coping pretty well. I was nervous about the procedure but it was not as bad as I had anticipated. Believe me, it is probably one of the best things I have ever done. Minus 12 – 20-20!” -Tom Murphy.

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