Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Insulin-dependent Diabetes?

The patients with insulin dependent diabetes may be candidates for Laser Eye Surgery. What we look for in these patients is that their diabetic profile is controlled, so we work very closely with the patient’s GP in order to ascertain recent up-to-date blood levels, particularly markers that can ascertain whether the patient’s blood sugar levels have been stable. Secondly we normally advise a Lasik procedure for diabetic patients as opposed to the surface PRK procedure because in diabetic patients the potential risk involved is delayed healing. This is a unique feature that diabetics have throughout their body and the same applies to the cornea too.

Suitability Explained Further…

Yes, if the diabetes is controlled. To be sure, we will examine you for this at your initial screening.

Mr Carp explains factors for insulin dependent diabetes patient’s and how they may be suitable candidates for Laser Eye Surgery.

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Everything was so much easier than I anticipated. Although I had some inflammation in one eye, I merely had to make one phone call and I was seen and treated very quickly and effectively. My vision is so much better now although the Blended is taking a little while. Overall – excellent!

– Sue Sinfield

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