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London Vision Clinic’s acclaimed surgeons, Professor Dan Reinstein and Mr Glenn Carp, co-wrote this Guide in order to give those considering surgery detailed knowledge about the anatomy of the eye, how the eye works and conditions that will affect visual acuity and prescriptions. These typically include Myopia (short-sightedness), Hyperopia (long-sightedness), Astigmatism and Presbyopia (ageing eyes/reading glasses). They also give a detailed overview about how laser eye surgery works, the common misconceptions about surgery and safety considerations to weigh up before making a decision.

They give an objective viewpoint about what questions to ask when considering laser eye surgery including:

  • Does the surgeon monitor your individual patient outcomes on an ongoing basis?
  • Did the surgeon undergo formal refractive surgery training and for how long?
  • Will the clinic conduct all of the necessary pre-operative tests to ensure my suitability for laser eye surgery?
  • What aftercare regime is provided for my particular treatment plan?
  • Will I have access to the surgeon post treatment?

The surgeons also give great insight into the technology used to perform surgery and cover the following topics:

  • What is topography?
  • What is a pachymeter?
  • What is pupillometry?
  • What is wavefront aberrometry?
  • What is a keratome (mechnanical and laser)?
  • What is an excimer laser?

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The Guide concludes with a list of Frequently asked Questions covering various topics including what you can expect to feel during treatment, how long the treatment will take, the risks of laser eye surgery, conditions that may prevent an individual from having surgery, the range of prescriptions that can be treated, the possible complications, the ideal age for treatment and many more!