Dan Reinstein: Surgeon By Day, Saxophone Player By Night

Prof Reinstein Jazz

Investing in laser eye surgery is a big decision. It’s only the livelihood of your eyes after all. Making sure you choose the right surgeon for the job is an important factor and so we hoped learning a little more about one of our world-class surgeons Professor Dan Reinstein would help you along your decision making process!

When it comes to education Professor Dan Reinstein has spent an astounding 18 years training to become an expert on the cornea function of the eye.  He attended Cambridge University and his extensive education enables him to perform successful surgeries by altering the size of the cornea by just the width of an eyelash.  Fascinated with one of the most important functions of the body, Professor Reinstein has pioneered and uses the best equipment and after-care policies to create the best surgery possible. People from all walks of life have made a trip to seek help for their eyes.  Over and over again he corrects people’s vision and adds more members into the 20/20 vision club!

Professor Dan Reinstein: A Scholar And A Musician

Professor Dan Reinstein has delivered almost 300 lectures spanning the globe and has written numerous articles in medical journals regarding his work.  Aside from being an expert in the human eye, Professor Reinstein enjoys several passions in his private life.  He regularly plays the saxophone and even performs at the 606 club in Chelsea and invites his patients to come along for an evening of jazz.

Praise For Professor Dan Reinstein

Numerous patients have shared the same feelings regarding Professor Reinstein’s expertise.  His service has penetrated so deeply that many of his patient’s have taken the time to share their personal experiences.

Helen defines Professor Dan Reinstein and his team as “simply incredible, his support team are outstanding and I would genuinely recommend this clinic to anyone considering laser eye surgery.”

Pippa’s experience is similar as well. She notes that “Dan, staff all very professional and it is the best things I have ever done, except marry my husband.”

It is always a good idea to get to know your doctor on a personal level before the operation, especially if you both share the same passion for music.