Geek Goddess

After reading the fashion pages of a popular magazine, I am especially thrilled to be out of glasses. Apparently the “Geek” look  is in! The article even claims that you don’t have to have poor eyesight to wear the latest trend in opticals as sported by the antidote to fashionistas, Ugly Betty. I rest my case – should we also invest in matching teeth braces even if we already have an attractive smile? I think not.

It seems that the gorgeous Alicia Keys is the latest in a long line of celebrities  to adopt the geek-chic look of heavy studious-looking tortoise shells.

Here I feel it only correct to point out that you could put the lovely Alicia into a bin bag tied in the middle with a bit of string and she would still manage to look good. However, the rest of us mere mortals would look rather ridiculous in these heavy-rimmed specs which are also probably pretty uncomfortable.

It only goes to prove that if you are a “pleasing on the eye” celebrity – take Johnny Depp and his ungainly choice of specs for instance – you are going to look great whatever style you adopt and the rest of us might misguidedly be lead to copy them with pretty un-cool results.

Fashion is fickle and it is a few short months ago that the “rimless-look” – as worn by Sarah Palin during her convention speech – were the style that caught the eye of fashion writers irrespective of their political persuasion.

At the time opticians throughout the US were inundated with requests for the titanium  frames – which were by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki  – and a whole raft of cheaper copies (the originals were $375) flooded the market.

Hundreds of women glasses-wearers commented about how much they “loved” the vice presidential candidate’s specs and that they thought that she looked “beautiful” in them, which undoubtedly she did. (Like Alicia Keys and Johnny Depp  she would also have looked beautiful without them, or with her hair in a different style, or in jeans instead of expensive tailored suits… in fact it must be difficult to make some of these people look ugly!)

Former beauty queen, Sarah Palin, is a very attractive well-groomed woman with a large shopping budget and  a talented personal stylist and during the election campaign she had a look that many of us would like to emulate. However,  and speaking from personal experience, I am sure that all fashion- conscious  women would prefer not to wear glasses at all and only have the “inconvenience” of choosing fabulous designer sunglasses even in the Alaskan climate.

A few months is a very long time in politics and –no doubt – those requests for “Sarah Palin glasses” have all but died down to be replaced possibly by an elusive search for the Geek Goddess look.

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