Laser Eye Surgery Has Been Around For Over 20 Years

Laser eye surgeon Glenn Carp, discusses the history of Laser Eye Surgery and speaks about laser eye surgery results that can be expected today.

[media id=31 width=640 height=480]Surgeon Glenn Carp explains the history of Laser Eye Surgery and speaks about Laser Eye Surgery results that can be expected today

Mr Carp On The Beginning Of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has been around in many different forms for many, many years. Early work was done by Professor Barraquer. He was one of the pioneers in refractive laser eye surgery and it is from his pioneering work that laser eye surgery was born.

So, we have over 50 years worth of experience in refractive eye surgery, specifically, when it comes to using a laser to do the shaping of the eye as opposed to, in the older days, a more mechanical approach to shaping the eye. Laser surgery was introduced about 20 to 25 years ago and it was first formulated by Professor John Marshall who patented the idea of using an excimer laser to reshape the eye because of the accuracy of the excimer laser itself.

Mr Carp On The Development Of Laser Eye Surgery

Glenn Carp: Over the years we’ve obviously gone through a lot of different protocols and in the initial days we used to work mainly on the surface of the eye, known today as PRK and subsequently, through better understanding, we found that the healing rates would be a lot quicker when doing a lot of the laser shaping under the thin corneal flap, and that is where the modern-day technique of LASIK was born.

In the literature we have the long-term results already going back over 15 years documenting good stability of patients with no adverse effects over that long period of time.

Mr Carp With A Happy Patient (Isabella) Today

Isabella: Oh wow!

Glenn Carp: And patients are continuing to enjoy their good vision over many, many years.

Isabella: Oh wow…Are you sure you haven’t put lenses in my eyes?

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