How Much Can My Reading Vision Improve?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Newsprint is around an 8 font and the idea is that a patient should have some reserve for everyday reading.  PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision is designed to take people from pretty poor vision as a natural part of your ageing process and install it back up to the very fine print.  So, essentially while maintaining your good distance 20/20 or better if you have that possibility, we are actually also looking to boost the reading right up to the very small zones.”

Reading Vision Improvement Explained Further …

We measure reading vision with a chart with different sized text ranging from the size of a newspaper sub-head (N.24) to the size of the smallest print found on many advertisements (N.5). Reading vision results differ between short-sighted and long-sighted patients, with the former performing slightly better.

86% of long-sighted patients could read the smallest type on this chart (N.5) without glasses after their treatment. 92% of short-sighted patients could read the smallest type on this chart (N.5) without glasses after their treatment. 100% of previously short-sighted patients up to -9.00D could read N.8, and 100% of previously long-sighted patients up to +6.00 could read N.12. Both N.8 and N.12 are smaller than the size of print found on most written correspondence and computer screens.

Mr Glenn Carp explains how much reading vision can improve.

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In my experience a very professional attention to detail, and pain free experience, sensitive and detailed advice. Amazing spontaneous results in both eyes. Long distance fine, reading fine except for small print. Glen is going to do further adjustment to ‘perfect’ reading eye. – Ann Galpin

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How Much Can My Reading Vision Improve? [Video]

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