How Soon After The Initial Screening Can I Have My Laser Vision Correction Procedure?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Generally patients can undergo surgery within two days of having undergone their initial screening.  The initial screening will ascertain their suitability for the treatment as well as addressing the concerns that they might have, but an additional consultation is required with the treating surgeon on a separate day where they can double check some of the parameters of the clinical makeup of the patient, namely the refractive errors, etc., as well as to readdress any of the concerns the patient might have once they have had a chance to assimilate and digest all the information that we have given them.  Surgery can be done 24 hours after that consultation.”

Initial Screening And Laser Correction Process Explained Further…

After we find you suitable, the next step is to have your ophthalmic exam, after which you are able to have the procedure on the next clinic day (Monday to Friday).

Mr Glenn Carp talks about the process after the initial screening and how soon after you can have the Laser Vision Correction procedure.

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