Is there a waiting list for consultations?

The waiting time for your Laser Eye Surgery consultation

It wasn’t easy, but you’ve finally come to the decision you want to have Laser Eye Surgery.

You’ve put in the hours of research, made numerous calls and visits to clinics, mulled over all the provided literature, and even made sure you have room for it in your schedule.

But hold on a minute; there’s still one potentially lengthy and arduous part of the process that’s missing. This is the period between the day you book your initial consultation and the actual date of the consultation itself.

Generally, among most Laser Eye Surgery Clinics, this waiting time ranges from 1 to 6 weeks.

Yes, this does mean you could be waiting up to a month and a half before having your initial consultation and finding out if you’re eligible for surgery, but there’s no need to be too disheartened.

High suitability rates and little time between the initial consultation and the surgery itself mean this period of waiting will most likely be your final days with your visual aids.

Here at London Vision Clinic, we can treat up to 90 per cent of patients who contact us, and the procedure itself can be carried out within as little as two days after the initial consultation.

So instead of wallowing away the hours and wishing the day would come sooner, you can revel in the thought that you’ll soon be rid of those clunky glasses or pesky contact lenses, and spend the time on something a little more valuable.

How much waiting time is there across the whole Laser Eye Surgery process?

Although there are certain benefits of having a period of waiting, such as time to re-assess information and say farewell to your glasses, it’s preferable to have a shorter than longer waiting time.

Any good Laser Eye Surgery clinic will undoubtedly do their best to fit you in for an initial consultation as soon as possible, and here at London Vision Clinic, we could see you generally within seven days.

This, of course, varies throughout the year depending on how busy the clinic is, and so the best way to find out the current waiting time is by contacting us directly.

It’s recommended you do this right at the beginning of your Laser Eye Surgery journey (when you’re still researching and considering treatment), to give yourself a better idea of how long the wait will be. In addition, this can be helpful with the logistics of having surgery, for instance, in fitting the consultation in at a time you’re away from work or less busy.

When the day of your initial consultation arrives, the optometrist will assess your suitability for surgery and address any concerns. If successful, this will be the first of two consultations you have before having the surgery.

The second consultation is done in the following days by the treating surgeon to double-check parameters and to give you a chance to meet your surgeon. Along with finalising your treatment plan that best suits your eyes, this second consultation also acts as an opportunity for you to bring up any further concerns or questions you have after digesting all the information- who better to answer them.

If we’re lucky enough to have you as a patient at London Vision Clinic, you’ll be settled in our quiet and relaxing waiting area in the basement of our Harley Street clinic in London, UK.

Everything will be taken care of by our Clinic Coordinators and Nurses, who will do everything from running through preoperative medicines to making sure you have a ride home. You’ll soon head to one of our state of the art surgical rooms, which are situated just a few doors away. Before you know it, you’ll be watching the hands on the clock tick round and soon enjoying all that things that come with your new and improved sight.

Ready to enquire or get in line for your consultation? Fill in our online form or give us a call us on 020 7224 1005.