Laser Eye Surgery: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Book

If you are considering Laser Eye Surgery, there will no doubt be many questions running through your mind concerning everything from your eligibility and the procedure to aftercare and the recovery process.

It’s important to address any concerns or questions you may have before committing to a particular surgeon or clinic. Below you will find five of the most common questions on our clients’ minds when they first arrive at London Vision Clinic for their initial discussion with our eye care consultants. How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

What you pay at London Vision Clinic is more towards the higher end of the scale for Laser Eye Surgery. We are very clear about our pricing—which you can find out more about here—and believe that, even though we may seem the expensive option, we offer higher value for money than anywhere else.

When it comes to your vision, no one should have to compromise. That’s why we offer a range of interest-free financing options, starting from as little as £204 per month.

Does Laser Eye Surgery hurt?

To get straight to the point: No, Laser Eye Surgery is a quick and pain-free procedure. The only discomfort you may experience will be as your eyes are healing following the surgery (but this is usually resolved with our artificial tears). How long will Laser Eye Surgery last or are the effects permanent?

Laser Eye Surgery is a procedure which alters the shape of your cornea—a change which has been proven by many long-term follow-up studies to be permanent. Of course, over the years everyone’s eyes age just like the rest of our bodies, but studies have shown the degree to which your prescription alters to be very small: on average around half a dioptre every decade after you reach the age of 50.

What aftercare regime is provided?

At London Vision Clinic, the aftercare process varies according to which treatment you have. We generally see our patients for around a year post-op, in which time we make sure everything is how it should be, and allow patients complete access to their surgeon if required.

To give you an idea of when and how often check-ups may occur, here is our aftercare process for patients who have undergone LASIK surgery:

  • 1st day after surgery
  • 1-3 weeks after surgery
  • 3 months after surgery
  • 12 months after surgery

What are the credentials of your laser eye surgeons?

Your eye sight is one—if not the—most important asset you possess. That’s why checking the qualifications of your prospective surgeon in charge of the procedure is one of the most vital measures you can take. Ideally, you should look for a surgeon with a combination of professional training, experience, and access to the latest technology. Use the checklist below as a guideline to evaluating a laser eye surgeon’s qualifications:

  • A Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons / Ophthalmologists or equivalent
  • Fellowship specialty training in corneal surgery
  • Fellowship sub-specialty training in refractive (laser eye) surgery
  • On the General Medical Council’s Specialist Register

If you would like to book a consultation at London Vision Clinic, or find out more about the credentials of our surgeons, give us a call on 020 7224 1005, or leave us a comment below.