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Laser eye surgery is constantly increasing in popularity in the UK. As there is very little risk involved in the procedure, more and more people are reaping the benefits of reduced dependency on glasses and contact lenses. The type of surgery differs according to each individual’s eye condition and a thorough pre-procedure screening ensures that the best option is chosen for each patient.

The small risks that are involved can include over or under eye correction, light sensitivity, dry eyes and decreased night vision. Most of these problems are temporary, but can be avoided by choosing the right UK eye doctor. Most problems or side effects can be attributed to improper preoperative testing, the equipment used, a lack of skill on the part of the surgeon and inadequate post-operative care.

London Vision Clinic

London Vision Clinic is home to two of the UK’s best eye doctors. Professor Reinstein and Mr Carp are highly experienced in the arena of laser eye surgery, but also believe in the importance of patient care. A thorough initial screening prepares you for the right surgery and extensive post-operative care ensures that no complications will arise.


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A quick checklist for your UK eye doctor

As with any surgery, there are risks involved with any laser eye procedure. But by being fully informed and choosing the best UK eye doctor, these risks can be greatly reduced, allowing the benefits of surgery to far outweigh the risks.

Before agreeing to any procedure, follow this quick checklist to ensure that your choice of UK eye surgeon is informed and safe.

  • A UK eye doctor who can perform laser surgery is required to be a registered ophthalmologist. Check your chosen doctor’s credentials carefully.
  • Your UK eye doctor should not have less than three years experience and have performed at least 500 similar procedures previously.
  • Avoid a UK eye doctor that focuses on gimmick advertising and cheap prices. Your eyes are important and should not be entrusted to just anyone on a price basis.
  • Your UK eye doctor should be part of a clinic or practice that focuses on laser eye surgery and does not simply do it as a sideline venture.
  • Ensure that all the equipment used is up to scratch and does not look old and neglected.
  • Your UK eye doctor should be part of the procedure from start to finish. Do not accept being initially tested and screened by someone other than the doctor who will perform the surgery.


Find the answers to all your questions about laser eye surgery and how to choose the right UK eye doctor to ensure your own safety on the way to better vision.

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