Page 39 - The UK Guide to Laser Eye Surgery
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Questions to ask when considering laser eye surgery
 What aftercare regime is provided for my treatment plan?
In terms of follow-up, a good clinic should follow patients for 1 year after surgery. This is to give the patient’s eyes time to settle fully, and to ensure that they have achieved the desired outcome (or to offer them an enhancement procedure, if the surgeon feels there is more that can be done for them).
The amount of aftercare appointments needed will depend on the procedure - for example, patients who have had surface treatments (PRK, LASEK or Epi-LASIK) should be closely monitored during the first five days after surgery. However, for LASIK and SMILE procedures, most patients should have follow-up appointments at:
• 1 day after surgery
• 1-4 weeks after surgery • 3 months after surgery • 12 months after surgery
Will I have access to my surgeon after treatment?
This is important. A surgeon is directly responsible for the care of their patients, even if he or she has delegated some aspects of the aftercare to an optometrist. You should always be told how you can contact your surgeon if necessary, and ideally your surgeon should be the person who conducts your appointment the day after surgery.

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