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Questions about technology
Questions about technology
There are six technologies that most laser eye surgeons use. These are:
• Topography and tomography • Pachymetry
• Pupillometry
• Wavefront aberrometry • Excimer laser
• Femtosecond laser
Below is some more information about these technologies, as well as some others. We will explain how they measure your eyes, the readings they produce, how accurate they are, and the effect they have on your treatment.
Topography and Tomography
What is it for?
Topography and tomography are for measuring the shape of your corneal surfaces. The topographer captures an image of your eye to create a topographic map of the front surface of the cornea. Tomography can also capture the shape of the back surface of the cornea.
What actually happens?
You rest your chin on a padded support and stare straight into the examining instrument. The clinician sits in front of you and aligns the instrument by having you focus on a visual target. They will ask you to open your eyes widely to take a number of multi-coloured pictures that are printed and added to your medical record. The pictures are like maps, where the different colours show the different elevations of your corneal surface(s) and the thickness profile of your cornea.
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