LVC Links

What no more appointments! No more visits to my friends at the LVC!  After the yearly check-up and that will be that!

Without wishing to sound like a sad case or even unduly sentimental, this place has become part of my life and I will miss it. My visits here have been across a turbulent eighteen month period (perhaps longer than usual as I chose to accept an enhancement procedure, more of which later).

Alongside the LVC appointments in my diary, my other life has moved on: I have become a grand mother, my first book has been published (which is also a bit like giving birth) and I have been commissioned to write a second with a third in the pipeline, I have taken a sabbatical from presenting my daily radio magazine programme … and I´ve done it all with perfect eyesight. No glasses or contacts for this writer.

I have climbed down the steps at 8 Devonshire Place in the heat of a perfect London summer day, clutching tightly to an umbrella in various downpours and grasping the railings to brace myself against near gale force winds, but always taking a moment along the way to admire the seasonal changes in the colourful window boxes.

Whatever the outside weather, the greeting inside is never less than warm and friendly.  Professor Dan Reinstein (the clinic´s founder and medical director and henceforth in this blog to be known as Dr Dan) puts great importance on having a happy and positive team with an enthusiastic attitude to their work. From a patient´s perspective, I can assure him that it´s true: you can´t beat eye contact (it is after all an eye clinic) and a friendly smile … especially as it goes without saying that – alongside this likeability factor – everyone working at the LVC also has top professional qualifications.

I know that I am not the only person who would, after treatment, like to retain links with the LVC.  Many former patients attend the LVC’s twice yearly parties taking the opportunity to better get to know the team and share glasses-free experiences over endless flutes of champagne. Others go to the 606 jazz club in Chelsea to listen to Dr Dan play his saxophone. Clearly I am not alone in wanting to stay in touch…