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If a LASIK eye surgery news story is breaking, there will very often be a call or two made to the London Vision Clinic. Professor Reinstein is often asked for an opinion on the latest advances in laser eye surgery as with 18 years’ medical experience, and a record of innovation, he can always be relied upon for an authoritative and insightful view on developments in the industry.

LASIK eye surgery news articles

Over the years, there have been several London Vision Clinic news stories, in both the medical and the mainstream press – in print and online.

In 2007, for example, the London Evening Standard reported that police marksmen – including members of the Prime Minister’s bodyguard – were to receive laser eye surgery to sharpen their sight. The Metropolitan Police chose the London Vision Clinic. Read the full story here.

Equally, when online journal MSN Health & Wellbeing wanted to write a report on laser eye surgery in 2006, they also turned to the London Vision Clinic. They even went so far as to put their Health Editor, Ross Chainey, through the process. His response was rapturous. ‘[If] before the procedure I was Mr Magoo,’ he wrote, ‘afterwards I am Superman.’ Read the full story here.

The London Vision Clinic is one of the leading LASIK clinics in the UK, be sure to keep an eye out for further advancements into this exciting field.

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