First Class Laser Eye Surgery Expertise And Technology

Ophthalmic surgeon, Glenn Carp, explains what sets the London Vision Clinic apart from other Laser Eye Surgery clinics in the UK.

In 2006, Professor Dan Reinstein selected Mr Glenn Carp to join the clinic’s surgical team. He is one of the few ophthalmic surgeons in the world who has successfully completed this training; an 18-month fellowship in Laser Refractive Surgery, necessary to work at the London Vision Clinic.

Surgeon Glenn Carp explains what the London Vision Clinic sets apart from other Laser Eye Surgery clinics in the UK.

Mr Glenn Carp On His Laser Eye Surgery Path

My name is Mr Glenn Carp. I’m an Ophthalmic Surgeon here at the London Vision Clinic. My main area of focus is Laser Eye Surgery. The London Vision Clinic was founded by Professor Dan Reinstein, almost seven years ago and Professor Reinstein, is a pioneer in the field of refractive laser eye surgery and did a lot of his training both in England and in America, as well as in South America and in Canada. So after spending many, many years developing and learning and honing his skills, he finally moved to London and he establish the London Vision Clinic.

Mr Glenn Carp On The Expertise And Technology At The London Vision Clinic

At the London Vision Clinic we have an excellent working relationship with our main equipment supplier, which is called Carl Zeiss Meditec based in Germany. We have through them the latest available equipment and with Professor Reinstein’s input, we are constantly developing our profiles to ensure that we’re giving our patients the state of the art benefits of laser eye surgery. A lot of our research is focused into improving outcomes, improving stability over the long-term and over the last 12 years Professor Reinstein has done extensive research in this area, something that is ongoing and that we’re all involved in at this clinic, in order to maximise our results for our patients.

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Mr Glenn Carp On Research And Results At The London Vision Clinic

One of the key factors of the London Vision Clinic is that it’s not only about treating patients, of course that’s our main focus, but we’re also very much research based and in that area of work Professor Reinstein himself is an expert and we produce a lot of research, we have a full-time statistician, we have PhD optometrists that we work very closely with on a full-time basis, in order to generate research. This is not general research that we’re involved in; it’s specific to our machinery and to our patients. In other words, what we’re looking to do all the time is to hone our system in order to get better results for our patients. This information is then passed to the wider community, ophthalmologists around the world through peer review literature and in the process everybody can learn from what we’ve been able to improve on for our patients.

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Mr Glenn Carp On The Individual Patient Treatment Approach

At the London Vision Clinic we’re not only about treating the average patients, in other words the person with relatively small prescriptions and very straight forward eyes, but we’re also looking to see what help we can offer patients with for example, very high prescriptions. Not everybody is a true candidate for laser eye surgery, but there’s often a lot of benefit that can be achieved through even partial corrections through methods called bioptics using intraocular lenses inside the eye with a bit of laser surgery to fine tune those lenses and in the process we can often give a lot of benefit to a lot of patients who may have been turned away from other clinics.

On the one hand we’re about offering the best form of treatment for patients, but we’re very, very much in tune with trying to provide the best after care, the best overall patient experience. So, whether it’s preoperative care that you were getting or whether it was postoperative care, we try and keep our system as comprehensive as possible to ensure that everybody gets the smoothest and most comprehensive care at the end of the day.

Mr Glenn Carp On The Importance Of The One Year Standard Post-Laser Eye Surgery Exam

For example, we’re one of the very few clinics that offer a one year postop exam as a compulsory exam and for that we have a 95% attendance rate and that’s mainly from our side, we obviously encourage our patients quite a lot to come in for those exams. Obviously, it benefits them, they get a full eye exam at the end of their process, making sure everything not only from the laser side, but the eye health is fine and obviously from our side we can gain more information which continuously helps us to hone our laser process as well and therefore pass on the benefits to our future patients.