Nip And Tuck Or Laser Eye Surgery?

Recently I was reading some trivia about “Inglorious Bastards” star, Diane Kruger. Initially she had aspired to be a dancer having studied with the Royal Ballet, later turning to modelling and then acting , when an injury had dashed her dancing dreams.

The German-born actress had – in this interview – “blasted” reports that she had had plastic surgery; specifically a rhinoplasty (that’s a “nose job” to you and me). The rumours were rife after she had been spotted at New York fashion week with bruises under both eyes.

Her publicist had denied the speculation, stating instead that Diane had undergone Lasik Eye Surgery the day before the event. Despite a recommended ban on eye makeup immediately following Laser Eye Surgery, I found the side-effect of any  facial bruising a highly unlikely scenario.

The Press and paparazzi who attended the film’s red carpet premiere in London were clearly side tracked by Diane’s very short dress and polka dot heels and accepted the dubious explanation without question.

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However, those of us who know more about Laser Eye Surgery, might be puzzled. Anyway, the whole story only serves to highlight what we already know: from celebrities to us mere mortals – we are all happy to share the thrill of  seeing clearly after Laser Eye Surgery; but we would tend to keep any cosmetic nips and tucks top secret.

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Nip And Tuck Or Laser Eye Surgery?

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