Do You Need Reading Glasses?

Discovering that you need reading glasses – even bifocal reading glasses – can be something of a shock, especially if you’ve always had good eyesight.

But the fact is, everyone’s vision begins to show signs of deterioration after 40.

Why You Need Reading Glasses

It is at this stage of life when the lens of your eye begins to stiffen. At the same time, the muscles that shift your focus between near and far become weaker. Known as presbyopia, the classic sign is when you begin to hold books or newspapers further and further away, until your arm isn’t long enough for you to focus. It is at this moment that you will realise that you need reading glasses.

Unfortunately, many Laser Eye Surgery clinics reject patients over 40. That’s why so many people are thrilled to find that the London Vision Clinic has pioneered a new laser technique called PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, which counters presbyopia.

I was so amazed from the moment after surgery. To read a newspaper or menu without fumbling for glasses is a treat. The disadvantage, is being able to see the wrinkles and blemishes on one’s face!”


Professor Dan Reinstein explains how PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision can help people with age-related near vision loss (presbyopia).

Escaping Reading Glasses

Using laser surgery, we can adjust each eye in different ways, increasing the depth-of-field of each eye to allow for both near and distant vision. For most patients, this means they can reduce their dependency on those infuriating reading glasses, bifocals or varifocals.

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