How exactly does laser vision correction work? [VIDEO]

Laser vision correction works on the principal whereby when light enters the eye, it is bent incorrectly to meet at a finite point at the retina, so by applying a laser to the surface of the eye we are able to change the shape of the surface of the eye to correspond to the refractive error that the patient has and thereby allowing the light to be properly focused, so that it reaches the actual retinal plane in a very precise manner….

About Suitability

Common Questions About Suitability What is 20/20 or 6/6 vision? In the most common visual acuity test, an optometrist begins by placing an eye chart at a standard distance of twenty feet, or six metres away from you, depending on the customary unit of measure. At this distance, the symbols on the line representing “normal” acuity on the eye chart, designated 20/20, is the smallest line that a person with normal acuity can read at a distance of twenty feet….

About Laser Eye Treatment At London Vision Clinic

Common Questions About Laser Eye Treatment at London Vision Clinic Does Laser Eye Surgery hurt? The procedure itself is pain-free. With LASIK, you may experience a pressure sensation when the surgeon creates the corneal flap, and some discomfort or irritation for up to 24 hours after surgery. With PRK, you may experience irritation for one week or more after surgery. Because discomfort can occur in some patients during the healing phase, we provide pain relief medication in eye drop form…