Scar Tissue And Laser Eye Surgery

A not so common issue, but still one that we continually see is that of scar tissue on the eyes. Scar tissue can occur at any point in a person’s life due to a physically or traumatic incident such as a car or sports accident. Additionally, it can also be the result of certain medical conditions. This can cause distorted and blurred vision and in some cases, this can even result in discomfort. Not all conditions that result in scar tissue are applicable for corrective eye surgery. However, renovations in laser eye surgery have made it possible to operate in some cases and patients have seen major improvements.

What is the worst thing that can happen after Laser Eye Surgery? [Video]

The risk of laser eye surgery is down to a very small chance of having a little bit of residual blurring or double or something not right with the vision that could not be sharpen by glasses. In other words you are very-very blurry before the surgery. You have the surgery. There is a small complication, your vision is much better and you can really function 41%_______ a little blurred and that little bit of blurring cannot be sharpened by glasses. …

What Causes Night Time Side Effects After Laser Eye Surgery And Can They Be Treated? [video]

After laser eye surgery, every patient will experience night glare. This is because of swelling due to the actual treatment itself and this happens to every patient regardless of their original prescription, their age etc. This swelling takes approximately three months to settle, and after this time period most patients will get very little night vision glare interrupting their vision. If patients still have residual night vision glare after this time, testing can be performed to ascertain where that night vision glare is originating from and determine what can be done to resolve the issue….

Seismic sneezes in the clinic

Seismic sneezes in the clinic In addition to being a writer and broadcaster, my nearest and dearest also remark on my heart-attack-inducing ability to produce — totally without warning — seismic sneezes. These unexpected explosions even take me by surprise. But they leave my poor partner — whose sneezes are of the suppressed and squeaky style (in my opinion, hardly meriting a “bless you”) — a quivering wreck. Thankfully, I’m not the worst. The world record for the loudest sneeze…

About Laser Eye Treatment At London Vision Clinic

Common Questions About Laser Eye Treatment at London Vision Clinic Does Laser Eye Surgery hurt? The procedure itself is pain-free. With LASIK, you may experience a pressure sensation when the surgeon creates the corneal flap, and some discomfort or irritation for up to 24 hours after surgery. With PRK, you may experience irritation for one week or more after surgery. Because discomfort can occur in some patients during the healing phase, we provide pain relief medication in eye drop form…