Laser Eye Surgery Results: Beyond The Numbers

In recent years, the choice of binning the specs seems a far more attractive notion, with the increase of successful statistical results reported and development of the laser technology, it is not surprising that thousands of people in the UK choose laser eye surgery year after year. Although these numbers are convincing, thousands of people choose to have laser eye surgery for benefits that have little to do with laser eye surgery statistics….

What Are Laser Eye Surgery Results In The Long-Term?

The modern laser technique has been used for the last 20 years, first developed by Barraquer in 1950’s, and today more than 17 million people have undergone the laser eye surgery procedure worldwide. Scientific researchers, who track LASIK complications, believe there are probably no significant negative long-term effects from laser surgery….

Why Do Laser Eye Surgery Costs Vary Across Companies?

The laser eye surgery industry is a minefield, there are a lot of different levels of patient care and the pricing structures vary considerably between clinics compared to London Vision Clinic. At London Vision Clinic, the simple pricing approach involves offering patients a full all inclusive package, lessens the confusion. Read more about why surgery prices vary between clinics….