10 Eye Facts That Will Change How You See The World

Eyes are complex organs, so it’s really important to take care of them with the best specialists. Some scientists have even called them a wonder of nature. How they enable you to see is a fascinating biological process. We’d like to share with you 10 fascinating facts about your eyes that you might not know….

Where Do You Do The Laser Eye Treatment?

The surgical procedures are done here at the London Vision Clinic. We have fully operational surgery room in our basement, patients arrive on the surgery day, there is a nice waiting area for them to relax in, nice and quiet in the basement area. They are seen by one of the nursing staff who run through their preoperative medicines and this is then followed by the treatments and then subsequent to that is a recovery area where they can relax prior to going home….

Interpreting Laser Eye Surgery Results

Laser eye surgery can seem like a frightening prospect, especially if you do not know much about it. Laser eye surgery is remarkably safe and potentially a life-changing experience, as many of our patient testimonials reflect. To help make an informed decision it is a good idea to understand how to interpret laser eye surgery results, as well as considering the potential risks involved. Most laser eye surgery providers will present you with results of procedures….

How Are Laser Eye Surgery Results Reported?

Standardised Reporting Of Laser Eye Surgery Results The growth of Laser Eye Surgery as a medical speciality has been substantial over the recent years.  As the speciality of refractive surgery has matured, the value of publishing outcomes of surgery results is ever more important. It can get very confusing for one who is considering Laser Eye Surgery, and when analysing or comparing results between: Techniques Procedures Technology Surgeons and clinics This comparison becomes a far greater challenge without a standardised…

What Are Laser Eye Surgery Results In The Long-Term?

The modern laser technique has been used for the last 20 years, first developed by Barraquer in 1950’s, and today more than 17 million people have undergone the laser eye surgery procedure worldwide. Scientific researchers, who track LASIK complications, believe there are probably no significant negative long-term effects from laser surgery….