The Subtle And Grand Ways Laser Eye Surgery Can Improve Your Life

Laser eye surgery is a major life changing procedure. Patients should anticipate some big changes post-procedure- all for the better with the right surgeon!

Laser Eye Surgery Will Improve Your Life

The ways that the procedure changes your life vary from subtle to immense. Take for example, my father. He had Laser Surgery at the age of 45, after having to wear thick bulky lenses for most of his young life and all of his adulthood after losing a large portion of his vision and hearing to a childhood illness. His vision was so bad that he was unable to get a prescription for contacts. When he would wake up in the morning he would fumble on the bedside table for his glasses before he could even fathom putting his feet on the ground. My mother forbade him from driving at night, insisting that even with his glasses it wasn’t safe. Despite being an avid cricket fan, he could never play the sport because his vision impeded his coordination.

After years of frustration, he sought out a consultation for Laser Eye Surgery. After checking around a few clinics he found what he believed to be a trustworthy, credible surgeon and he decided to undergo the procedure. After years of blurry eyes and fumbling, his life was transformed.

Having Laser Eye Surgery Changes Lives

Within a few months his vision was nearly perfect, he only needed glasses for reading (many patients don’t even require reading glasses). Despite years of conditioned fear at the mere idea of letting him operate a motor vehicle, my mother let him drive at night. While these were, of course, major life changes. He said it was the little things that made all of the difference to him. It was the simple act of being able to stand up in the morning without having to awkwardly fumble on the bedside table for his glasses. Something as ordinary as being able to see the alarm clock when he woke up in the middle of the night would make him smile.

He could all of a sudden read the credits on the TV screen, and see his feet when he woke up in the morning. He was extremely satisfied with his new eyes and to this day is a major advocate for the surgery. He recommends it to friends and family and encourages friends with substantial vision problems to look into the procedure.

For those who are looking to experience a similar life transformation, Professor Dan Reinstein is listed as one of the top in his field and you can call London Vision Clinic today to schedule your initial consultation.