The Technology Used At London Vision Clinic

“I had my eyes lasered here and I am very pleased with the professional service I was provided with from the very start. Excellent communication, always smiling staff members, great after-care, top of the range technology there…I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is after a great service!” -Edita Urbelyte

Over the last six months we have conducted a survey of people calling London Vision Clinic. It turns out that technology used is one of the six most important factors that people look for when considering a clinic. That makes complete sense to us! Laser Eye Surgery is a continually evolving field, and as there are new developments in surgeries, there are advancements in technologies! Why would you want to drive a gas-guzzling clunker when you could drive a hybrid? Surely one is safer than the other? Well, we take the same approach to our equipment and technology. We want our patients to feel confident not only in the abilities and prowess of our surgeons, but the technology that they use to correct their vision!

Jean-Claude had his vision corrected by Professor Reinstein six years ago, and there have been no issues whatsoever. This was not only due to Professor Reinstein’s steady hand and topnotch reputation, but the very latest state-of-the-art technology that was used in both the pre and post-operative care. Jean-Claude remains happy with his results and continues to recommend the clinic without hesitation or reservation to anyone who is considering Laser Eye Surgery.

When Lance began looking into having his vision corrected, he was guided to London Vision Clinic by a top UK consultant. A little confused, he asked why he should go somewhere else, much less there. The response? The consultant answered honestly, “Because I don’t have access to the technology that they have.” In the past, Lance had been told that he was not a candidate for the procedure because of his long-sightedness, so he went to London Vision Clinic feeling skeptical and even a little set on not going through with the procedure. However, after extensive research and some equally extensive eye-checks by the clinic’s superior medical staff, he decided to go through with the procedure. His treatment from day one to his follow up appointment was consistently partnered with professionalism and only the best of everything that the field has to offer. Lance suggests avoiding high street practitioners say, “It’s your eyes you’re playing with!”

If you are one of the many who is concerned with the technology used, we can assure you that at London Vision Clinic we use only the best of everything with our patients! We encourage you to come in and see for yourself! At a non-obligatory consultation, we will gladly address any questions or concerns that you may have about the technology used.

The Technology Used At London Vision Clinic