What Are The Long-Term Results Of Laser Eye Surgery?

At London Vision Clinic, we are often asked by those considering Laser Eye Surgery how long it lasts and what the long-term results are.

Here is Professor Dan Reinstein explaining the results of Laser Eye Surgery in the long term and the changes that may occur over time:

Professor Reinstein says “The effects of Laser Eye Surgery are permanent.”

“We have great scientific data now to show that we do the procedure and in ten years time the effects are still in place.”

He goes on to say that “Eyes are an organ and they do change over time, so if someone has very blurred vision and we make it really sharp, it could be that 5 or 10 years later it could be just a little bit different. It will never be that blurred again, but it might change a little bit.”

“Most of the time the change is very slight and people don’t notice it, but if someone did notice, it would be very easy for us to go back in and adjust it.”

“Effectively, with maintenance, you can keep someone out of glasses for the rest of their life”.

Professor Dan Reinstein is a world-renowned laser eye surgeon and part of the pioneering surgical team at London Vision Clinic.

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