What Can LASIK Surgery Treat?

Glenn Carp – “In terms of treatments, we have at our disposal the main two treatments which are: LASIK or PRK.  Essentially both types of treatment can treat all prescriptions.  There is no real difference.  However, LASIK tends to give better results in patients who are long-sighted compared with PRK and more predictable.  Having said that, both types of treatment can be used to treat myopia, astigmatism, long-sightedness and of course nowadays, with blended vision we can treat presbyopia as well.”

LASIK Treatment Explained Further…

LASIK eye treatment can correct of a full range of conditions, including myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Mr Glenn Carp explains what LASIK surgery can treat.

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All I can say is I wish I had the procedure years ago. It has changed my life, excellent.– Billy Wild

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