What Conditions Could Make One Unsuitable For Laser Eye Surgery?

If you have an existing medical condition – particularly one that affects your eyes – you may think that Laser Eye Surgery is not an option for you. Whilst there are certain conditions that would make you unsuitable, the technology we use at London Vision Clinic and the expertise of our surgeons means that we can treat more people than most clinics.

London Vision Clinic surgeons Glenn Carp and Professor Dan Reinstein discuss the most common conditions that render patients unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery:

Glenn explains that, with the modern technology we have, probably 99% of people are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery. The conditions that may make you unsuitable are those which affect the cornea. Having insufficient corneal tissue, whilst not a contraindication in itself, may affect the surgeon’s ability to treat your full prescription.

More importantly, eye conditions such as keratoconus can cause inherent weak spots in the cornea, making you unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery.

Dan goes on to say that if you are pregnant, it’s usually best to delay Laser Eye Surgery until after the baby is born and you’ve finished breastfeeding. Even if you have an eye disease, if it doesn’t affect the cornea, it may still be perfectly safe to have treatment, you just need to have a surgeon check it.

Conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and arthritis can make Laser Eye Surgery harder, but generally, under the expert surgical care at London Vision Clinic, all of these people can have treatment.

The only way to be sure you are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery is to have a consultation. Book yours at London Vision Clinic now.

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