What is Artemis Insight 100?

As a procedure that’s based on technology, you won’t go long reading about Laser Eye Surgery until you hear about “Artemis”.

The Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, Artemis possessed special abilities including perfect aim with a bow and arrow and the ability to heal others of disease.

Although it’s not the very same Artemis you uncover when researching Laser Eye Surgery, the fact they share the same name is no coincidence.

Born out of the discovery by laser eye surgeon Professor Dan Reinstein that ultrasound could be used to scan the surface of the cornea, the Artemis Insight 100 is today the most accurate corneal scanner in the world. 

Since its introduction, the Artemis has greatly improved the accuracy, safety, and outcomes of Laser Eye Surgery across the board.

LoVC was the first clinic to have the Artemis Insight 100™. This means we’re able to treat many patients with higher prescriptions and conditions that often lead them to be turned away by other clinics.

Here we’re going to shed some light on the miraculous piece of technology and demonstrate exactly why it represents such a revolution in the Laser Eye Surgery industry.

The Artemis Insight 100 Explained Further

Youtube video link

In the video above, expert laser eye surgeon Mr Glenn Carp explains what the Artemis is and how it is used.

Our surgeons work with the most advanced and accurate devices to perform every aspect of the Laser Eye Surgery process, from the initial screening to the procedure itself to your aftercare appointments.

When it comes to pachymetry, measuring the thickness of the eye’s cornea, we turn to the Artemis Insight 100™ VHF digital ultrasound. Typically, a clinic will use either the Orbscan or hand-held ultrasound machines to make the measurement. However, the Artemis is able to display a superior profile of the depth of your cornea.

As Mr Glenn Carp describes in the video above, it can do this because as well as being able to measure the entire thickness of the cornea, it can also map the different individual layers of the cornea as well.

Not only that, the Artemis can map the individual layers of corneal tissue at an accuracy of one micron (1/1000mm) and produce a 3D image to allow detection of the thinnest point of the cornea with greater accuracy.

Nearly 20 years on since Prof Reinstein’s initial discovery, at London Vision Clinic we have used the Artemis Insight 100 with many patients, both in improving the number of people who are suitable for surgery as well as helping those who are in need of complex repair work.

The Artemis Insight 100 has become the gold standard in the industry. It is not uncommon for patients to come to us and be assessed as ideal candidates for treatment after they’ve heard numerous times that Laser Eye Surgery can’t do anything for them.

If you’d like to find out if you may be suitable for Laser Eye Surgery or book your consultation, get in touch with our friendly clinic coordinators today.