What Is Artemis Insight 100?

Mr Glenn Carp – “The Artemis Insight 100 is an ultrasound machine which is able to measure the corneal thickness but not only the entire corneal thickness, the different individual layers of the cornea as well.  The Artemis Insight 100 was designed approximately fifteen years ago by a team at Cornell University of which Profession Dan Reinstein was a member and we have managed to use the Artemis Insight 100 over many, many years now, both in terms of helping us to ascertain patients’ suitability for surgery, but also to ascertain suitability for enhancing surgery and also to help us in complex repair work.”

Artemis Insight 100 Explained Further…

Our surgeons work with the most advanced and accurate device to perform pachymetry, which is the Artemis Insight 100™ VHF digital ultrasound. This measures corneal thickness more accurately than either the Orbscan or hand-held ultrasound machines. It produces a 3D image, which means it detects the thinnest point with great accuracy, and displays a profile of the depth of your cornea. This technology is currently only available in a handful of clinics around the world.

Mr Glenn Carp explains the meaning of the artemis and how it is used.

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I was obviously apprehensive about the procedure and surprised and delighted how painless and quick it all was. I could read almost immediately and it’s the best thing, I ever have done.– Merete Capra

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What Is Artemis Insight 100? [Video]

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