What Should I Do If My Eyes Are Blurry After Treatment?

The laser eye surgeon will run through the possible side effects of Laser Eye Surgery before the procedure takes place, including the possibility of suffering from blurry vision. Furthermore, all patients are seen by their surgeon on the morning after their surgery to discuss progress and any residual healing issues. Common problems usually include residual swelling, dry eye and small refractive areas that need further time to settle.

Blurry vision is a common symptom to have immediately after treatment. As long as you are following all of the post-operative instructions provided in your aftercare package, the blurriness should diminish over time.

Mr Glenn Carp explains what to expect and that blurriness after Laser Eye Surgery would be dealt with on the day or the day after the surgery.

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What Should I Do If My Eyes Are Blurry After Treatment? [video]

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