Where Is London Vision Clinic Located?

Mr Glenn Carp – “The London Vision Clinic is located in Harley Street in the West End in Central London.  We have chosen the Harley Street area because of its accessibility not only to most people in London but in terms of people internationally as well.  A lot of our clients come from Europe, from America, and from Africa and we find it to be a very central position allowing lot of people access to the clinic.”

Location Explained Further…

The London Vision Clinic address is 138 Harley Street, London W1G 7LA. We are just beside Regent’s Park in the heart of London. We’re within easy reach of the London Underground and many major bus routes. The shops, sights and attractions of Oxford Street and the West End are just minutes away.

Mr Glenn Carp describes the location of the London Vision Clinic.

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The treatment is very quick and pain free and I would urge anyone contemplating eye surgery to contact the London Vision Clinic and arrange for a consultation. For most of my life I have had to put up with high prescription glasses. Now I can participate in activities that I never would have dreamed of previously before surgery.– Michael Kershaw

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