Forefront Refractive Surgery Course: LASIK, Presbyopia Correction & SMILE

Advanced course on refractive surgery from London Vision Clinic
Thursday 21st June 2018 - Sunday 24th June 2018
At The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, and London Vision Clinic, London, UK

Thursday 8th November 2018 - Sunday 11th November 2018
At The Royal Society of Medicine, Chandos House, and London Vision Clinic, London, UK

Open to refractive surgery specialist opthalmologists & optometrists - limited places available

All proceeds go towards the London Vision Clinic Foundation

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Course Overview

The aim of this course is to provide corneal refractive surgeons who are interested in starting or are already performing LASIK, PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision and small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) with a detailed description of all aspects of the three procedures.

The focus of the course will be on practical details and surgical pearls set against the backdrop of our experience of over 25,000 LASIK, 10,000 PRESBYOND and 4,500 SMILE procedures and research. Essentially, we consider this to be a surgical video-fellowship that enables the attendee to learn from complications as well as successes. Each aspect of the course is taught in granular detail so that the attendee will feel very well equipped to make improvements to their current practice or starting to perform PRESBYOND and SMILE with a wide knowledge base to reduce the learning curve.

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The course is accredited by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, with a total of 20.5 continuing professional development (CPD) points available.


Dan Z Reinstein, MD MA(Cantab) FRCSC DABO FRCOphth FEBO
Glenn I Carp, MBBCh, FC Ophth (SA)
Timothy J Archer, MA(Oxon), DipCompSci(Cantab)
Ryan Vida, OD, FAAO
London Vision Clinic Optometrists

Course Outline

Thursday 3pm – 9pm: LASIK

  1. Preoperative assessment, keratoconus screening, contraindications, and relative contraindications
  2. LASIK safety planning
  3. LASIK flap creation with the VisuMax femtosecond laser
  4. Surgical technique for a routine LASIK procedure
  5. Intraoperative complications
  6. Routine postoperative care and medications
  7. Management of microfolds
  8. Management of epithelial ingrowth
  9. Management of postoperative complications
  10. Routine retreatment options after LASIK
  11. Surgical technique for a routine surface ablation procedure

Friday 9am – 6pm: PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision

  1. Review and comparison of available treatment options for presbyopia
  2. Concept and mechanism of PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision
  3. Manifest refraction and modified binocular vision protocol
  4. Preoperative evaluation, counselling, informed consent, and expectations
  5. Using the CRS-Master for PRESBYOND treatment planning
  6. Postoperative management, counselling, and adaptation
  7. Retreatment options and subsequent cataract development
  8. Practical workshop in small groups led by a London Vision Clinic optometrist

Friday 7pm – late: Social evening

Saturday 9am – 6pm: SMILE

  1. Preoperative assessment for a SMILE patient
  2. Treatment planning and a parameter selection for SMILE
  3. Patient and laser preparation for SMILE
  4. Docking, centration and cyclotorsion control
  5. Surgical technique for a routine SMILE procedure
  6. Suction stability management (suction loss and eye movements)
  7. Energy and spot spacing settings, OBL, and black spots
  8. The role of the Carl Zeiss Meditec applications team
  9. Management of intraoperative complications
  10. Management of postoperative complications
  11. Routine retreatment options after SMILE

Sunday 8am – 12pm: Wetlabs and workshops

  1. SMILE wetlab and MEL90 demo
  2. Workshop on development of a personal nomogram
  3. Workshop on therapeutic refractive surgery
  4. Workshop reviewing the multiple choice question answers and FAQs

Handout Including

  1. Complimentary copy of The Surgeon’s Guide to SMILE – our textbook including video website with 15 hours of narrated content (if attending SMILE course)
  2. PDFs of all lectures
  3. Book chapters, peer-viewed publications, and ophthalmic press articles
  4. Other resources including consent forms and calculators

Fee (ophthalmologist):

  • LASIK Only (Thu) £750
  • LASIK & PRESBYOND (Thu-Fri) £1,400
  • SMILE Course Only (Sat-Sun) £1,400
  • PRESBYOND & SMILE (Fri-Sun) £1,900
  • All (Thu-Sun) £2,300

Members of the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA) receive a 10% discount.

Fee (optometrist):

  • LASIK Only (Thu) £500
  • LASIK & PRESBYOND (Thu-Fri) £1,000
  • SMILE Course Only (Sat-Sun) £1,000
  • PRESBYOND & SMILE (Fri-Sun) £1,250
  • All (Thu-Sun) £1,600

Fee (trainee):

  • LASIK Only (Thu) £300
  • LASIK & PRESBYOND (Thu-Fri) £500
  • SMILE Course Only (Sat-Sun) £500
  • PRESBYOND & SMILE (Fri-Sun) £500
  • All (Thu-Sun) £700

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Forefront Refractive Surgery Course: LASIK, Presbyopia Correction & SMILE


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