Forefront Refractive Surgery Course:
LASIK, Presbyopia Correction & SMILE

Advanced course on refractive surgery from London Vision Clinic
Thursday 21st November 2019 - Sunday 24th November 2019 (now waiting list only)

At The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BS
And London Vision Clinic, 138 Harley Street, London W1G 7LA

Courses in 2020: 18-21 June, 26-29 November, at The Royal College of Physicians

Open to refractive surgery specialist opthalmologists & optometrists - limited places available

All proceeds go towards the London Vision Clinic Foundation

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Course Testimonials

"The London Vision Clinic's Forefront Refractive Surgery Course is an absolute must for anyone interested in maximizing their results, improving the patient's experience and fine tuning surgical techniques for performing SMILE. The course and materials provided by Dr. Reinstein and his team are truly invaluable."

Bruce A. Rivers, MD

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"This landmark textbook provides a comprehensive guide to both surgeons and clinicians. It is presented in a practical framework that guides preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative management. The authors earnestly convey their knowledge and experience in a step-by-step, detailed manner that brings the reader to an advanced level of expertise. The format makes full use of current technologies, with detailed photos, high quality companion videos, practical flow charts and illustrative clinical examples. "

Guy Kezirian

Course Testimonials

"The course provides an excellent introduction to PRESBYOND and SMILE. The quality of the lectures is outstanding, but the added value is the informal nature of the course and the access to the lecturers who will spend as much time as it takes to answer questions. For any refractive surgeon interested in laser refractive surgery in general this is a real opportunity the opportunity to see what it takes to be at the top level."

Robert Morris, BSc (Hons), MB BS (Hons), MRCP, FRCS, FRCOphth

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"Is there a need for a third book in English on SMILE surgery and if so, what makes this book so different? After I have read it, the answer is definitely “yes.” Unlike other volumes, the present work is very personal. With the true “obsession to the detail” for which the senior author is known in the scientific community, he and the co-authors go into the very heart of refractive surgery embracing all aspects of SMILE. Nothing has been left out: particularly the chapter on complication management not only shows the problems and their solutions, but also explains the rationale why such an action was undertaken. The chapter on preoperative refraction, consent and patient communication are unique: It underlines what makes refractive surgery so different from the rest of ophthalmic surgery – that we operate on healthy eyes. Hence, no cowboys are needed. Only a well-educated surgeon will reduce problems to the least possible minimum. I am sure that this textbook provides the necessary knowledge for the success. Read, re-read, enjoy!"

Walter Sekundo

Course Testimonials

"I take this opportunity to thank you. I have learned a million dollars. Not only is my functional vision better, but I believe I can now be a better physician and Ophthalmologist after this great experience of having a patient at your clinic and the direct experiences learned from the endeavour."

David S. Y. Kang, MD

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"Wow! This book is an incredible contribution to the knowledge of anyone who is interested in corneal refractive surgery. The text demonstrates how the SMILE procedure builds off of all the knowledge gained from keratomileusis, PRK, and LASIK, and explains why it is the future of the laser vision correction. Dan's educational knowledge and style makes this text a must-read for anyone involved in SMILE surgery."

Dan S. Durrie

Course Testimonials

"I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you for the superb care you have given to me. I am one very grateful and happy patient. Your hospitality is also most commendable indeed. The course scores an unequivocal five stars whichever way one looks at it. You certainly have a phenomenal gift of imparting your knowledge and ideas in a very receptive manner. I learnt a ton of things and I will be implementing a number including the bedside manner pearls I observed."

Leonard Teye-Botchway, MD

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"This manuscript presents a one-of-a-kind narrative that should sit on the shelf of every refractive surgeon striving to be the best they can in their field. As someone whose career focuses solely on refractive surgery, the information in this book has shaped my daily clinical work. I’ve kept the manuscript on an accessible shelf in my office and have referred back to it regularly for giving talks and finding citations for research papers. In publishing this tome Dr. Reinstein and colleagues have done our profession a favor."

Jason P. Brinton

Course Testimonials

"I very much enjoyed the time with you and your colleagues in London. It was a fantastic course, I would not have expected such a broad scope of knowledge and fruitful discussions. Please continue your way of performing refractive surgery and teaching."

Prof. Dr. Med. Siegfried Priglinger

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"The Surgeon's Guide to SMILE represents the definitive text book for any surgeon wish to undertake and understand this procedure. It has been written by the foremost clinical research group in this area, who have been directly involved in the development of this technique. They have not only managed to write a very comprehensive textbook on SMILE but it contains wonderful information and insights on how refractive surgery should be conducted at the very highest level."

David P. S. O’Brart

Course Testimonials

"I learned more about refractive surgery in 3 days, than I did during 18 months of attending symposiums, courses and personal study. Dan and his team were profoundly knowledgeable and continue to be invaluable resources, making themselves available for advice and insights. They were gracious hosts, always ensuring, from the moment of registration to the day of the course, that all our needs and queries were attended to. Perhaps the most notable and admirable commentary on this course, was that Dan and his team donated all proceeds to support a charitable eye clinic in Nepal - truly leaders our profession in all aspects."

Baseer Khan

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"This is an excellent SMILE textbook, in which include very detailed standard SMILE protocol and complications, which definitely will be attractive to SMILE surgeons. I believe this textbook will shorten the learning curve and achieve more excellent results for new SMILE surgeons"

Xingtao Zhou

Course Testimonials

"I highly recommend this course for surgeons involved in corneal refractive surgery. The theoretical part of the course is very extended, also with rigorous attention to practical details. All the steps of the procedures are explained and guided. An important part of the course is about how to avoid complications and how to manage them, all these taking into consideration the vast experience and research made by the whole staff. I had an amazing experience during the course. A great team! Many thanks to Professor Dan Reinstein, Dr Glenn Carp and Dr Tim Archer."

Monica Apostolescu

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"It was high time for a reference a book about SMILE. Profound experience as well as enthusiasm for innovation of the author make this book valuable for experts as well as newcomers."

Theo Seiler

Course Testimonials

"It was amazing how you were able to align aspirations of surgeons and employees from around the world in providing the best patient outcomes in refractive surgery."

Andrew Chang

Praise for the Surgeons Guide to SMILE

"In this most interesting and innovative book, Dan Reinstein and co-authors serve the ophthalmic refractive surgery community with distilled surgical knowledge and clinical wisdom about the use of this surgical technique, SMILE, for the correction of refractive errors. This book is a must and an essential part of the library of a refractive surgeon and should be a priority for all those interested in innovations in refractive surgery and in getting into SMILE as a transitional technique for the future of refractive corneal surgery."

Jorge L. Alio

Course Testimonials

"I am grateful to attend the refractive surgery course at London Vision Clinic. Prof. Dr. Dan Reinstein, Dr. Glenn, Dr. Tim and the fellowship doctors are very helpful and generous to share their knowledges and experiences. Regardless whether you are an experienced refractive surgeon or thinking to start practicing refractive surgery, this London Vision Clinic course is for you. I am an optometrist myself, but by attending this course I am more prepared and confident to assist my surgeons. I am also very impressed by the charity work that they are supporting at Nepal. The course fees are all contributed to the charity work in Nepal. By coming to London Vision Clinic you will be blessed and you are a blessing to others."

May Yern Chan

Course Testimonials

"The LoVC course is the best hands-on practical course for a practising refractive surgeon that I have come across and I would recommend it highly to anyone doing or even considering refractive surgery."

Ravi Nrusimhadevara

Course Overview

The aim of this course is to provide corneal refractive surgeons who are interested in starting or are already performing LASIK, PRESBYOND PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision and small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) with a detailed description of all aspects of the three procedures.

The focus of the course will be on practical details and surgical pearls set against the backdrop of our experience of over 28,000 LASIK, 10,000 PRESBYOND and 6,500 SMILE procedures and research. Essentially, we consider this to be a surgical video-fellowship that enables the attendee to learn from complications as well as successes. Each aspect of the course is taught in granular detail so that the attendee will feel very well equipped to make improvements to their current practice or starting to perform PRESBYOND and SMILE with a wide knowledge base to reduce the learning curve.

To read more about the previous Forefront of Refractive surgery courses on SMILE, PRESBYOND and LASIK click here.

The educational content of the course has been approved by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, with a total of 20.5 continuing professional development (CPD) points available.


Dan Z Reinstein, MD MA(Cantab) FRCSC DABO FRCOphth FEBO
Glenn I Carp, MBBCh, FC Ophth (SA)
Timothy J Archer, MA(Oxon), DipCompSci(Cantab), PhD
Ryan Vida, OD, FAAO
London Vision Clinic Optometrists

Photos by Arvinder Marwaha (


Course Outline

Thursday 11am – 7pm: LASIK

  1. Preoperative assessment, keratoconus screening, contraindications, and relative contraindications
  2. LASIK safety planning
  3. LASIK flap creation
  4. Surgical technique for a routine LASIK procedure
  5. Prevention and management of microfolds
  6. Intraoperative complications
  7. Routine postoperative care and medications
  8. Management of epithelial ingrowth
  9. Management of postoperative complications
  10. Routine retreatment options after LASIK
  11. Surgical technique for a routine surface ablation procedure

Thursday 7pm – 9pm: Welcome Drinks

Friday 9am – 6pm: PRESBYOND PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision

  1. Review and comparison of available treatment options for presbyopia
  2. Concept and mechanism of PRESBYOND PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision
  3. Manifest refraction and modified binocular vision protocol
  4. Preoperative evaluation, counselling, informed consent, and expectations
  5. Using the CRS-Master for PRESBYOND treatment planning
  6. Postoperative management, counselling, and adaptation
  7. Retreatment options and subsequent cataract development
  8. Practical workshop in small groups led by a London Vision Clinic optometrist

Saturday 9am – 6pm: SMILE

  1. Preoperative assessment for a SMILE patient
  2. Treatment planning and a parameter selection for SMILE
  3. Patient and laser preparation for SMILE
  4. Docking, centration and cyclotorsion control
  5. Surgical technique for a routine SMILE procedure
  6. Suction stability management (suction loss and eye movements)
  7. Energy and spot spacing settings, OBL, and black spots
  8. The role of the Carl Zeiss Meditec applications team
  9. Management of intraoperative complications
  10. Management of postoperative complications
  11. Routine retreatment options after SMILE

Saturday 7pm – late: Social evening

Sunday 9am – 1pm: Wetlabs and workshops

  1. SMILE wetlab and MEL 90 demo
  2. Workshop on development of a personal nomogram
  3. Workshop on therapeutic refractive surgery
  4. Workshop reviewing the multiple choice question answers and FAQs

Handout Including

  1. Complimentary copy of The Surgeon’s Guide to SMILE – our textbook including video website with 16 hours of narrated content (if attending SMILE course)
  2. PDFs of all lectures
  3. Book chapters, peer-viewed publications, and ophthalmic press articles
  4. Other resources including consent forms and calculators

Fee (ophthalmologist):

  • LASIK Only (Thu) £1,000
  • PRESBYOND Only (Fri) £1,200
  • LASIK & PRESBYOND (Thu-Fri) £2,000
  • SMILE Only (Sat-Sun) £1,500
  • PRESBYOND & SMILE (Fri-Sun) £2,200
  • All (Thu-Sun) £2,500

Members of the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA) receive a 10% discount.

Repeat attendees receive a 50% discount.

Fee (optometrist):

  • LASIK Only (Thu) £650
  • PRESBYOND Only (Fri) £800
  • LASIK & PRESBYOND (Thu-Fri) £1,300
  • SMILE Only (Sat-Sun) £1,000
  • PRESBYOND & SMILE (Fri-Sun) £1,400
  • All (Thu-Sun) £1,700

Members of the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA) receive a 10% discount.

Fee (trainee):

  • LASIK Only (Thu) £300
  • PRESBYOND Only (Fri) £400
  • LASIK & PRESBYOND (Thu-Fri) £700
  • SMILE Only (Sat-Sun) £500
  • PRESBYOND & SMILE (Fri-Sun) £700
  • All (Thu-Sun) £800


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