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Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic:
Trusted experts providing personalised laser treatments with outstanding results.

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Contact us to book your consultation on Harley St with a world leading independent Laser Eye Surgery clinic.

At London Vision Clinic we provide you with:

Laser Eye Surgery treatments including LASIK, LASEK, and Laser Blended Vision which can reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses.

Specialist, experienced laser eye surgeons who are trusted leaders in their field.

Rigorous attention to detail and consistently world-class results, backed up by research.

A high ratio of staff to patients, for a highly personal, bespoke approach.

High Profile treatments for very high prescriptions.

  • The best in Laser Eye Surgery

    Renowned experts in Laser Eye Surgery. Our dedicated team of surgeons, nurses, optometrists, researchers, patient care coordinators and clinic coordinators are hand-picked for their commitment to excellent clinical care and customer service.

    Our surgeons are world-recognised and sought after for their expertise, and use technology at the forefront of Ophthalmology.

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  • A leading London eye clinic

    We are committed to rigorous attention to detail and consistently deliver excellent results, backed up by research and independent reviews.

    We adopt a uniquely-tailored approach. We’re not interested in processing as many patients as possible. Our sole aim is to give every patient the best possible vision for them – however complex or unusual their condition.

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  • Clear costs for clearer vision

    Clear and transparent Laser Eye Surgery costs. Affordable financing available. We never compromise. Perfection is our aim, in everything we offer you.

    We are committed to providing the most thorough eye exam available, and take a lot of time over testing and screening of your eyes – two to three times as long as some clinics.

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10 reasons to choose London Vision Clinic for Laser Eye Surgery

World renowned & trusted results

The clearest evidence of any laser eye surgeon’s skill is his or her results.

“leading safety experts” (

We are regularly featured in the press, and are proud to have been recognised as experts in mainstream media.

Rigorous screening

We’re confident our Laser Eye Surgery screening will be the most comprehensive eye exam you’ve ever had. It involves sophisticated measurement tools found nowhere else in the UK.

Suitable for 98% of people

We pioneered ways to safely treat patients who’ve been told they’re not suitable for Laser Eye Surgery at other clinics.

We invented the Artemis scanner

The most accurate corneal scanner in the world, which allows us to safely treat patients that other clinics aren’t able to consider.

The experts used by TV shows

Regular TV experts, featured on The One Show, 10 Years Younger, This Morning, Sky News, and the BBC.

Goodbye to reading glasses

We offer a unique laser eye treatment called Laser Blended Vision which counters the effects of ageing in the eyes.

More specialist training

Our laser eye surgeons are all Fellowship corneal specialists with expertise in every aspect of Laser Eye Surgery.

First UK clinic to offer ReLEx SMILE.

Turning Laser Eye Surgery into a ‘keyhole’ procedure, SMILE can be use to treat very high prescriptions and drier eyes.

High staff to patient ratio.

A handpicked team with a commitment to deliver the highest possible standard of care.



What you say about London Vision Clinic

Trusted by + customers across the UK

  • Laser Eye Surgey, One Year On ...


    Just over a year on since I had laser eye surgery now and have not had any issues whatsoever and my vision is perfect, it’s the best decision I have...

    Rachel Thompson -

    Laser Eye Surgery
  • The quality of the experience has been uplifting.


    The quality of the experience has been excellent - how could you get better than having the surgeon who developed the equipment used on my eyes perfor...

    Jan T -

    Laser Eye Surgery
  • Very highly recommended!


    From the moment I walked into the London Vision Clinic, I knew that I had come to the right place to have laser eye surgery. The staff were friendly a...

    Sharon Peralta -

    Laser Eye Surgery
  • A great experience from the start


    A great experience from the start - All the Team are very friendly, welcoming & professional and I can’t thank them enough. Mr Carp told me he doesn...

    Amanda -

    Laser Eye Surgery
  • A great clinic


    A great clinic. Staff are friendly and courteous. They give the best care to ensure that you are making an informed decision with your eyesight. Follo...

    John Rosheuvel -

    Laser Eye Surgery
  • Excellent customer service!!


    I wish I’d done this years ago - life changing! All the staff are incredible! Amazing customer service and aftercare. I have been recommending f...

    customer -

    Laser Eye Surgery
  • Amazing clinic


    Amazing experience. 3 grades better than 20/20 vision. Best decision ive ever made.with amazing customer service. 5 stars. Well recommend...

    Leanne -

    Laser Eye Surgery
  • Very pleased with the high quality service and care


    I was very pleased with my treatment there, they are patient and happy to answer all questions and are great at maintaining a calm atmosphere. I was r...

    Stephanie -

    Laser Eye Surgery

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Laser Eye Surgery


Laser Eye Surgery for ageing eyes

Everyone’s vision deteriorates as they get older. At the London Vision Clinic, we’ve developed a revolutionary Laser Eye Surgery treatment called Laser Blended Vision to address this issue.

Laser Blended Vision can significantly reduce, and even eliminate, the need for reading glasses for many years. Read more about Laser Blended Vision.

ReLEx SMILE – the new ‘keyhole’ Laser Eye Surgery

Professor Reinstein and his team were instrumental in the development of ReLEx SMILE — a new ‘flap-less’ procedure which marks the next generation in Laser Eye Surgery. Thanks to SMILE, we are now capable of treating even higher prescriptions than previously deemed possible. The procedure is even suitable for many patients with thinner corneas, drier eyes, or contact lens intolerance.

What is ReLEx SMILE?