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Your first step towards brilliant vision with the world's trusted team of laser eye surgery experts on Harley Street.


Laser Eye Surgery by world-class surgeons on Harley St, London with outstanding results.

Laser Eye Surgery Treatments include SMILE, LASIK, PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, PRK, and LASEK.

We also carry out Private Cataract and Retinal Surgery. For very high prescriptions we offer High Profile Surgery.

We are specialist, highly experienced laser eye surgeons who are trusted leaders in their field.

Our rigorous attention to detail, backed up by research, produces consistent and world-class results.

A high ratio of clinical staff to patients, with a uniquely personal and bespoke approach.

BOOK today with us on Harley St and come see for yourself why we are one of the worlds top Laser Eye Surgery clinics.

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  • The best in Laser Eye Surgery
    The best Laser Eye Surgery

    Our surgeons are sought after for their expertise and technology, operating at the forefront of Ophthalmology.

    Our clinical team of nurses, optometrists, researchers, and clinic support are hand-picked for their commitment to excellence and patient service.

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  • A leading London eye clinic
    What is Laser Eye Surgery?

    No matter the type of treatment, Laser Eye Surgery works by using lasers to reshape the tissue that makes up the front window of the eye.

    The cornea is re-shaped to be either steeper or flatter, allowing it to focus light accurately and remove refractive errors.

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  • Clear costs for clearer vision
    Clear costs for clearer vision

    Clear pricing with affordable finance. We never compromise, perfection is our aim in everything we offer you.

    We are committed to providing the most thorough eye exam available, and take two to three times as long as most clinics.

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What you say about London Vision Clinic

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Five reasons to choose us.

World-renowned reputation

As the go-to surgeons for expert advice, we feature on TV, including the BBC, 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover. We know it’s not all about TV though. Read thousands of opinions from our patients on independent review platforms over the many years.

The Surgeon’s Choice

We’ve earned our reputation as the top choice of surgeons for more reasons than one. We treat patients that others often can’t, in fact, 98% of patients are suitable, so if you’ve been told your prescription is too complex for correction, then we might be able to help you.

We are inventors, innovators, and forward-thinkers.

Ever since our doors opened in 2002, we’ve been busy inventing, teaching, and pioneering the future of laser eye surgery. We’ve contributed to groundbreaking advancements, driving innovation, safety, and results in the laser eye surgery field for two decades. We’ve taught thousands of surgeons and authored a book on the latest laser eye surgery techniques.

Industry Firsts

Our founding principle is that knowledge dispels fear, so we created the UK Guide to Laser Eye Surgery and introduced the role of Patient Care Coordinator, to put you first. We invented the world’s most accurate scanner for measuring the outer surface of your eye, allowing us to treat higher prescriptions and achieve greater accuracy. We were the first UK clinic to offer ReLEx SMILE. We employ dedicated in-house research and laser technician teams to improve clinical outcomes.

Support across your journey

Our dedicated team of experts guide you along your journey and talk you through exactly what you need and when. We provide the most thorough screening process to determine the best outcome and highest safety possible. Dedicated aftercare is on hand 24×7. Our unswerving focus on results means we have a huge patient advocate base.

Our free guide will take you through everything you need to know, step-by-step

ReLEx SMILE – the new keyhole Laser Eye Surgery

Professor Reinstein and his team were instrumental in the development of ReLEx SMILE — the modern flap-less procedure that marks the next generation in Laser Eye Surgery. Thanks to SMILE, we are now capable of treating even higher prescriptions than previously deemed possible, including patients with thinner corneas, drier eyes, or contact lens intolerance.

Compare ReLEx SMILE vs LASIK

Laser Eye Surgery for ageing eyes

Your vision deteriorates as you age. At the London Vision Clinic, we’ve developed a revolutionary treatment called PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision to significantly reduce, and even eliminate, the need for reading glasses.

Read more about PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

Patient Video: Dr Pixie McKenna’s Laser Eye Surgery

Patient Video: Flo and Hannah, Atlantic rowers