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How does laser eye surgery work?

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VIDEO: How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work

Professor Reinstein was approached by the friendly inquisitive bunch at Ted-Ed to collaborate on a short video to explain to students across the globe, just how laser eye surgery actually works!

Since the earliest conception of vision correction surgery in the late 1940s, the technology has rapidly advanced. Today, laser vision correction is one of the safest and most accurate treatments on the planet. We will see how, using the latest technology, most people, including those who struggle with reading, can be helped.

We pride ourselves on outstanding patient service

Higher prescriptions, safely

We have the expertise and technology required to treat a wider range of prescription than any other clinic. Professor Reinstein co-invented the ReLEx SMILE procedure, which is suitable for even those patients with very high prescriptions, drier eyes and thinner corneas.

5* treatment for everyone

The highest independent clinic rating in London. Laser eye surgery is about much more than just the treatment – it’s about your whole experience, every single question answered thoroughly and comprehensive after-care. Don’t just take our word for it though, see for yourself.

Wear reading glasses?

Laser eye surgery can correct the natural ageing of the eyes. This treatment is suitable for around 97% of people and is a safe and effective alternative to the much riskier option of implanting a synthetic lens inside the eyes. Pioneered over a decade ago, thousands of patients have now benefited.

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We’re renowned experts in Laser Eye Surgery

  • Our surgeons don’t just use the best lasers in the industry – they help design them.
  • We have a very large staff to patient ratio guaranteeing a highly personalised service.
  • Located on Harley Street, London, at the heart of private medicine in the UK & Europe.
  • We have been chosen as experts for respected media channels such as the BBC.
  • We have the most rigorous screening program available anywhere in the UK.
  • Our results are world renowned and a reference point for surgeons across the globe.
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