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36 Questions to ask when considering laser eye surgery
 Will the clinic conduct all of the necessary pre-operative tests to ensure my suitability for laser eye surgery?
The pre-operative examination is an excellent opportunity to examine the eye fully. This should ideally include the following tests (some of which are not routinely carried out in laser eye surgery assessments):
• Refractions, including manifest refraction, cycloplegic refraction, and CDVA
• Slit-lamp examination
• Dilated eye examination
• Intraocular pressure
• Contrast sensitivity
• Laser Blended Vision assessment (if you are presbyopic)
• Night vision simulation
• Corneal topography (including back surface, i.e. tomography)
• Dry eye exam
• Pupil size
• Corneal thickness
• Wavefront analysis
• Very high-frequency digital ultrasound (if necessary)
• Keratoconus screening
After conducting all of the necessary
tests, the clinic should provide you with
a clear assessment of your suitability. If your clinician determines that you are not suitable for treatment, they should provide you with a comprehensive explanation
for this. You may want to ask if there
is another provider that may have the technology or expertise necessary to treat you safely, even if it may not be possible at your chosen clinic (for example some lasers are much better at treating hyperopia than others, whilst some other practices will not treat patients over 40 years of age, or may offer correction of distance vision only).

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