Page 37 - The UK Guide to Laser Eye Surgery
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Questions to ask when considering laser eye surgery
 How much time will you spend with me before my surgery?
While there is no official guideline for how long a pre-operative assessment for laser eye surgery must be, you should feel that you’ve been given enough time to have all of your questions answered, and you should have received a full eye health exam (including dilation of the pupils, which is essential to evaluating the health of the whole of the eye).
Ideally, you should also be asked to come in for a one-on-one consent appointment with your surgeon on a separate day from your initial consultation and at least one day before your surgery. Even if this seems like an inconvenience, it is very important as it gives you a chance to fully digest the information you have been given during your initial appointment, note down any concerns you wish to address with your surgeon, and make an informed decision as to whether to proceed, and provide a ‘cool- off’ period before the day of the surgery.
It is also important that you are given the opportunity to meet your surgeon before surgery, as they are the person ultimately responsible for your outcome.

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