Page 53 - The UK Guide to Laser Eye Surgery
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Questions about technology
 Excimer laser
How does it benefit you?
The excimer laser is an extremely high- precision sculpting tool that changes the focusing of the eye. It enables specialist eye surgeons to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.
There have been significant strides made in laser technology over the last two decades, but finding a surgeon who has the experience and expertise to use the technology to best effect is critical to successful treatment. Some excimer laser brands are Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, Nidek, Schwind, VISX, WaveLight and Carl Zeiss.
Active Eye Tracking
What is it for?
Tracking and compensating for your eye movements during surgery. The purpose of the eye tracker is to enable the laser spot to be delivered to the right position on the cornea.
What actually happens?
The eye tracker monitors your eye’s natural micro-movements and calculates positional corrections needed to place the laser spots in the right place on the cornea. In addition, should your eye move outside of the treatment zone, the eye tracker ‘pauses’ the laser until the eye is back in position (this is called passive tracking).
How does it feel?
You do not feel the eye tracker.

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