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Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Is my prescription too high?
In most cases, having a very high prescription will not stop you having laser eye surgery. The range that any surgeon can treat depends on their technology and experience, but technology and expertise in the field is now so advanced that the vast majority of patients with very high prescriptions are now suitable for a ‘full correction’ and, for those patients with extremely high prescriptions, laser eye surgery can still be used to achieve a significant improvement in the vision, or an intraocular lens procedure could achieve a full correction.
If you are turned away by a clinic, it is important to remember that this often does not mean that you are not suitable - it may simply mean that your chosen clinic does not have the technology or experience necessary to treat you safely.
Q: What range of prescriptions can be treated?
The majority of laser eye surgery is performed on patients with:
• Myopia up to -8.00 D
• Hyperopia up to +3.00 D
• Astigmatism up to -4.00 D.
However, some surgeons have the expertise and technology that allows them to safely treat much higher prescriptions – a full correction is sometimes possible on prescriptions of:
• Myopia up to -14.00 D
• Hyperopia up to +6.50 D
• Astigmatism up to -6.00 D.
If your prescription is higher than this, you should not be disheartened as it may be possible to significantly improve your vision with a partial correction.
Q: Am I too old / too young?
Laser eye surgery patients must be at least 18 years old; there is no upper age limit.
Q: Does everyone get presbyopia?
Yes. Presbyopia typically develops during the 40s (although some patients do not begin to lose their reading vision until their mid-50s). When presbyopia develops, people begin to need glasses for reading even if they have never worn glasses before. People who previously wore glasses will need a different prescription for reading than for distance (e.g. bifocals).

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