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  Condition or Circumstance
 Can the person have laser eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic?
 Older than 60?
 Yes. There is no upper age limit for laser eye surgery, as long as your eyes are healthy. Some older patients experience a longer healing period after laser eye surgery, but this can be discussed at your initial screening if it is likely to apply to you.
 Pregnant or breastfeeding?
 No. Laser eye surgery is not recommended until 2 months after breastfeeding is complete. Increased hormonal activity during pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect visual outcomes and, while this is not dangerous, it increases your likelihood of being under- or over-corrected and therefore requiring an enhancement procedure. The medications used before, during and after laser eye surgery could also be transmitted to your unborn baby - this should be avoided.
 Taking prescription drugs?
 Yes, probably. You should indicate which drugs you are taking (prescription or otherwise) during your initial screening. Occasionally, certain medications can prevent you from having laser eye surgery - however, this is rare.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What conditions may prevent me from having laser eye surgery?
The following list includes conditions or circumstances that prospective patients commonly ask about when discussing suitability for laser eye surgery.
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