Your Top 5 Laser Eye Surgery Fears, Tackled

Your Top 5 Laser Eye Surgery Fears, Tackled Scream! You’re about to take the plunge and go ‘under the laser’ to correct your vision, and you’re worried about the implications of surgeon meets eye. Are you putting your most prized possessions in jeopardy? They’re so delicate, and you can’t help thinking of all the things that could go wrong! As dedicated refractive surgery professionals, we know how important your vision is to you. We also know that laser eye surgery can be a ... Read more

Am I spending too much money for laser eye surgery?

Am I Spending Too Much Money for laser eye surgery? The cost of laser eye surgery is listed as one of top reasons why many individuals do not end up going through with the procedure. When you look at the total cost of surgery, it can (to some) seem overwhelming, and to many even impossible. At London Vision Clinic, we urge that you try not to look at the number as one giant balance that needs to be paid off immediately, or all ... Read more

The Technology used at London Vision Clinic

The Technology used at London Vision Clinic: Over the last several months we have conducted a survey of people calling London Vision Clinic. It turns out that the technology used is one of the six most important factors that people look for when considering a clinic. That makes complete sense to us! Laser eye surgery is a continually evolving field, and improvements in technology and equipment and developments in research can mean even better and safer outcomes. We want our patients to feel ... Read more

Laser Eye Surgery – Live Without Regrets

Laser Eye Surgery – Live Without Regrets When we ask our laser eye surgery patients whether they have any regrets about their surgery at London Vision Clinic, we keep hearing one thing in particular: " thing I have ever done!!!!!!" - Shilen Our patients often tell us how that, when considering having laser eye surgery, they had many fears about the procedure, thinking it risky and worrying that it would be painful. However, people frequently report that their initial consultation began to put them at ... Read more

Life with Contact Lenses

Life with Contact Lenses: Life with contact lenses may seem a blessing compared to the frustrations of glasses but, for some people, it can also be tough.  Your lenses may not fog up like glasses, your vision won’t be subjected to a limiting frame, and there are no fragile arms or nose bridges that are at risk of being broken - but contact lenses are far from problem-free.  In fact, they can sometimes be more, not less, frustrating than specs. At the very least, ... Read more

How to Reduce Dry Eyes

How to Reduce Dry Eyes Dry eye syndrome can occur at any age and with the increase of digital media, it is becoming more and more prevalent.  It can also be extremely unpleasant. Symptoms can range from a scratching sensation, sensitivity to light, and a discomfort when wearing contacts, to burning, stinging, tearing, and fatigue.  As many of these symptoms are synonymous to those of allergies and the common cold, it isn’t surprising that the disorder often goes undiagnosed but ignoring the problem can ... Read more

10 Facts on Laser Eye Surgery

10 Facts on Laser Eye Surgery Laser Eye Surgery: 10 Facts you didn’t know yet! If you are considering laser eye surgery, you probably already know a bit about it. You may even have first-hand information from family and friends who have already had the surgery. Maybe you have also read about the laser eye surgery procedure on the Internet or in magazines. However, you might find that what you have heard about laser eye surgery at other clinics is quite different from ... Read more

Roy Moëd, founder of LifeBook UK, tells his laser eye surgery story

Roy Moëd, founder of LifeBook UK, tells his laser eye surgery story Written by Roy Moëd If you’re also interested in the deeply personal experience of creating a LifeBook for a member of your family, please visit LifeBook UK’s official website,, or call 020 3291 1169. We’re continuing to support charity, and we’ll donate £250 to the Great Ormond Street Charity for every purchased LifeBook – just use the code Vision250 when making an enquiry. Next: Read about London Vision Clinic nurse, Angela, who ... Read more

Keeping an eye on health – the London Vision Clinic team are working out

Keeping an eye on health - the London Vision Clinic team are working out By Mary Harboe  Read more

Is laser eye surgery risky?

Is laser eye surgery risky? "Laser", "eye" and "surgery" are three words that may, understandably, arouse anxiety. Unlike in the USA, where the procedure is often referred to simply as "LASIK", one of the first obstacles for someone considering the treatment in this country may well be just getting over their pre-conceptions (which, we have found, are most often mis-conceptions) about what risks laser eye surgery involves. It is completely normal to be anxious about having laser eye surgery: to be honest, if ... Read more
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