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A day in the life of an ophthalmic surgeon

Day in the life of an ophthalmic surgeon The human eye is one of the most complex optical systems known to man. With their over two million working parts, each eye collects light, regulates it, focuses it, and finally converts it into the image you see of the world. To tinker with this system is not a job for the faint-hearted. And so, despite the average eye being less than two inches across, there is a pretty large group of…

What Is 20/20 Or 6/6 Normal Vision? [VIDEO]

What does it mean to have “normal” vision? Why are two different sets of numbers used to describe it? Mr. Carp explains, “The main concern of having 6/6 vision or 20/20 vision really comes from whether you are based in the United Kingdom or you are based in America. It is really just to do with feet and metres. 6/6 means you see at 6 metres what an average person can see at 6 metres and 20/20 is equivalent in feet, 20 feet versus 20 feet.” Read more about the way visual acuity is measured and what it means for laser eye surgery….

How to test your vision at home

How to test your vision at home In this time when many of us are experiencing limited services and spending many more hours indoors, one of the things that can begin to suffer is our vision. Being in a dry environment, using a screen for prolonged periods, and even just not being able to look out over the horizon are all factors that can have an impact on our eye health and how well we see. All of this, and…

What’s Included In Laser Eye Surgery Costs?

Many eye clinics attract patients by keeping surgery prices low by treating a high turnover of patients (sticking to simpler cases and offering a reduced standard of care). At London Vision Clinic, perfection is our minimum standard. Gain further insight into what the laser eye surgery cost includes to drive the best possible vision results….

Can I Go Blind After Laser Eye Surgery? [VIDEO]

A big question, can I go blind after laser eye surgery? The answer to that, (in theory) is yes. There have been reported cases around the world where people have lost extensive vision after laser eye surgery. These cases are extremely rare. It would take a series of events to happen, very unfortunate events, to leave the person in a predicament where they lost all their vision….

Why Do Laser Eye Surgery Costs Vary So Much From High Street To High-End Clinics?

Why Do Laser Eye Surgery Costs Vary So Much From High Street To High-End Clinics? This is a question we hear a lot. With some high street chains offering Laser Eye Surgery from as little as £800, there is often confusion when the high-end clinics charge up to £6,000+ for treatment. So How Can Some Clinics Charge So Little For Laser Eye Surgery? Here’s a clip of London Vision Clinic’s Professor Dan Reinstein explaining this: Professor Reinstein says: If done…

Recovery After Laser Eye Surgery

Most patients report that they are surprised by how quickly they recover after having laser eye surgery. Many of our patients are completely overwhelmed with the clarity of vision almost immediately after the procedure – we were lucky enough to capture this moment on camera with ITV’s Philip Schofield. Take a look at his reaction by clicking here….

Laser Eye Surgery Costs – Why Do Costs Differ So Much?

Laser Eye Surgery Costs: Why Do Costs Differ So Much? When first looking into Laser Eye Surgery, the wide range of options and the difference in prices from high street chains to independent clinics can be mind-boggling. So why do Laser Eye Surgery costs vary so much? Read more about the differences here At the London Vision Clinic on Harley Street in London, there is a simple pricing structure for the optimum level of results and patient care. We don’t…

Laser Eye Surgery: Home or Abroad?

Laser Eye Surgery: Home or Abroad? We’re living in a new world, a world dominated by the Coronavirus Pandemic, even forgetting our exit from the European Union. It’s probably fair to say that travelling abroad will never be the same again. However, many still consider going overseas for elective surgery to be cheaper than being treated in the UK. And, what could be better: going abroad and getting some sun, and at the same time, saving money on a treatment…

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Wearing Make Up Before & After Laser Eye Surgery

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Wearing Make-Up Before & After Laser Eye Surgery One of the most common questions that doctors receive about Laser Eye Surgery, is, “When can I wear makeup again?” Rather than being vain and unimportant, it’s actually a great question that’s crucial to both the safety and smoothness of your treatment and recovery. Joking aside, Laser Eye Surgery is a surgical procedure, and that means there are certain precautions you need to take before, during, and…