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Our dedication to the highest possible standards runs throughout the clinical team. We hand-pick each of our Optometrists, Patient Care Coordinators, Nursing Team, Researchers, Admin and Management, and Clinic Coordinators for their expertise and natural enthusiasm in going the extra mile to ensure unrivalled care and service.


Our surgeon team is truly world-class, headed up by founder Dan Reinstein. We are innovators and pioneers in the field of laser eye surgery. They are responsible for some of the most impressive results in their field.

Meet our Surgeons


Our optometrists are highly skilled, highly qualified professionals. They run the uniquely rigorous Ophthalmic Exams every one of our patients takes before Laser Eye Surgery.

Meet our Optometrists

Nurses and Technicians

Our nurses are essential to the clinical expertise. Throughout your treatment, the nursing team will be dedicated to both your clinical and emotional well-being. Calm, expert, and reassuring, a nurse will always be on hand before, during, and after surgery.

Our team of Ophthalmic Technicians has detailed knowledge about our complex testing and technology used, both before and after surgery.

Meet our Nursing Team

Admin and Management

Clear, accurate administration and management is vital for creating a reassuring, high-quality service for patients. Polite, thorough and professional — whatever the need or the pressures of the day, our admin and management team are invaluable in keeping everything running smoothly.

Meet our Admin Team


We believe research is vital in making sure we offer the highest standards in Laser Eye Surgery. We are unique, being one of the only private clinics to employ a full-time research staff, including our Research Manager Dr Tim Archer.

The research team reviews the outcome of every single procedure performed at the clinic. They monitor results and search ceaselessly for ways to refine our Laser Eye Surgery techniques even further, so we can offer even more impressive results.

Meet our Researchers

Patient Care Coordinators

The first person you’ll meet at the clinic is your Patient Care Coordinator (PCC). They will be your primary contact with the clinic throughout your patient journey, providing a consistent and reassuring presence.

Your PCC is familiar with all the details of your laser eye treatment and able to answer almost any question you have.

Meet our Patient Care Coordinators

Clinic Coordinators

Our Clinic Coordinators keep everything at the clinic running smoothly. They’re essential in making sure you always enjoy the highest possible standard of service and care.

They make sure all the admin is managed smoothly, from arranging (and rearranging) appointments to finding you the ideal cafe for lunch in nearby Marylebone. Whatever you need, ask.

Meet our Clinic Coordinators

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