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Patient reviews of Laser Eye Surgery

I think the most amazing thing is waking up and being able to see everything and in focus. I open my eyes very cautiously every morning, just in case it has gone! I still have a certain amount of disbelief, and having had poor sight since the age of four, this will go on for a bit longer. I now feel more protective of my eyes, and treat them with more respect.

Highly recommend! The treatment has transformed my life – had forgotten how cumbersome life had become wearing glasses – from text messaging to recognising shampoo and conditioner when in the shower!!

Only six hours after the procedure, whilst making myself tea, I glanced across the work surface and realised that I could actually read the newsprint without my glasses, I could not believe it. Life just got better and better, no more searching for lost glasses when shopping, no more embarrassing moments in restaurants. Being able to watch television and seeing detail – but best of all being able to programme the machines in the gym! Thank you so much for giving me back 20/20 vision and for taking 20 years off my life.
Adele N., Fitness Trainer

Mr Carp was extremely professional and reassuring throughout the entire experience. His depth of knowledge in his field gave me the confidence I was looking for in the procedure and the calm, assured manner in which he carried it out was world class and lived up to my expectations; a 5-star experience.

I was doing more than 1,500 cataract surgeries per year and was tired of cleaning my spectacles after nearly each procedure. While attending a course at the London Vision Clinic, Professor Reinstein introduced us to Laser Blended Vision. I was really impressed by the results patients showed on the next day. This was not simple monovision. Flying back home I felt that the decision-making process was over for me. In a couple of months I had surgery at the London Vision Clinic. Now, more than six months after surgery, my vision is great, and I can read a newspaper at 15cm. Obviously, I am very glad I did it!
– Dr Teesalu, Ophthalmic Surgeon

Dan gave me complete confidence that I would be able to
see and that it would change my life forever.
– Samantha H., Engineering Manager – BAE Systems, from Preston, Lancashire

I can only say that the results for me speak for themselves. Having worn contact lenses for 30-plus years, to be free of all the aggravation is fantastic. My vision now is so much better than with the lenses, it is incredible. Dan and his team are truly experts in their field, and I cannot conceive why anyone would go elsewhere for laser surgery.
– Tony M., Company Director

Professor Dan Reinstein is so confident and reassuring that he makes you feel you have nothing to worry about and the end result justified this.
– Caroline K., Researcher, from South Croydon

I arrived with an open mind and a little excitement at the prospect of better sight, Glenn Carp talked me through every aspect of the experience, sometimes more than once, and all of you (the staff) have made me feel special. The whole procedure has been completely painless apart from a couple of hours of discomfort straight after surgery.
– Stephen P., Profession: Director

I have received excellent service and patient care both before during and after I had the surgery. I was put completely at ease and any worry/concerns were thoroughly explained and dismissed. I’ve worn glasses since I was eight and to now be free of them is remarkable, I’d recommend the LVC to everyone who’s considering laser eye surgery!
– Ben

I am so glad that I chose LVC for my treatment. It was worth every penny. As they all say – I wish I’d done it years ago! The facilities are wonderful, the staff very friendly, professional and efficient. My pre-op and post-op care has been great. I’ve already recommended it to my friends and family.
– Kiran

I am so happy that I decided to have the laser eye surgery. Everyone at the London Vision Clinic was fantastic! They explained every single part of the process so clearly, they filled me with confidence and put me at ease. The best decision I ever made!
– Beth

All my worries and fears were laid to rest by the patient clinic staff – No question was ever too much for them to answer. Dr Dan has such a caring manner I felt at ease straight away, my operation went perfectly.
– Jennifer N., Housewife from Middlesex

Thank you very much to staff at the clinic and to Dr Carp for a very thorough pre-surgery consultation which put my fears at rest. The surgery itself was quick and painless & Dr Carp talked me through each step methodically. One day later, I have no pain and very little discomfort (and good vision!)
– Grainne M., Lawyer

I was given straight and exact advice as to what could be achieved to improve my vision to near perfect and the London Vision Clinic have fulfilled all.
– Ian S., Export Sales Consultant from Thorncliffe, Stafford

Totally professional, from first contact to post operative care, fantastic attention to detail, staff advice and help at all times. Would recommend unreservedly.
– Patrick G., Healthcare Development Manager from Grangemouth, Stirlings.

My introduction to London Vision Clinic was via their website which is informative and honest, not just listing the benefits but also the potential hazards, which gave me a sense of confidence. An influential factor in my decision to try LVC was that the statistics were based on Dan’s results, and his alone. His background and experience was comforting. When it came time for the surgery, I was nervous, as anyone would be, but the staff helped me to relax and it seemed so routine. The surgery was quick and painless although strange, and the results immediate. After the surgery I felt as though I had the support there if I needed it.
Guy N., Software Consultant from Farnborough, Hampshire

What do you define a miracle to be? Just supposing after 50 years you could suddenly stop wearing specs full time and be able to see clearly and even read the telephone directory. A miracle? I should say so. This is exactly what happened to me in just a few short months. I have gone from 50 years of wearing specs that have been of the highest prescription (+8.75), and therefore of the thickest lenses, to absolute freedom, without the need to use even the lowest reading lens for the telephone directory. The care and attention that I have received from Dan and his team at London Vision Clinic cannot be improved upon. What can you say but the most heartfelt thank you to a team that have performed a miracle.
– Shaena W., Reservations Manager

An insight into the Laser Eye Surgery process

Lucy, a past patient, contemplates her reasons for choosing the London Vision Clinic as she prepares for her Laser Eye Surgery.

A patient review of Laser Blended Vision

Laser Eye Surgery patient leaves gives his testimonial of Laser Blended Vision carried out at the London Vision Clinic.

  • Andrew D.

    Painless. Great to see without glasses. Delighted I did it. Glenn Carp probably the best Ophthalmolo...

    February 2018 | NW7, United Kingdom

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  • Marion G.

    My only regret is not having had this done years ago. It is wonderful to not need glasses or contact...

    January 2018 | KT2, United Kingdom

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  • Carole M.

    Very quick operation and recovery times....

    January 2018 | PO11, United Kingdom

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  • Bonnie S.

    Absolutely wonderful and thoughtful care. Amazing results - not only from a great surgeon but an exc...

    January 2018 | SW16, United Kingdom

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  • Moira T.

    Absolutely no need to be nervous on day of surgery as it will be easy, pain-free and quick, so lovel...

    December 2017 | HP9, United Kingdom

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  • Steve B.

    Really pleased with how everything has gone. The surgery was totally pain free and my vision was ver...

    November 2017 | AL5, United Kingdom

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  • Jenny A.

    Not having to wear glasses after my Laser eye surgery has completely changed my life. Now I can easi...

    November 2017 | DH1, United Kingdom

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  • Oliver B.

    Surgery was amazing and pain free. It was uncomfortable for a couple of hours post surgery, but I wa...

    November 2017 | BR7, United Kingdom

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  • Sue B.

    Wished I had been brave enough to have laser surgery years ago - no pain/fast and now I don't wear g...

    November 2017 | IM7, United Kingdom

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  • Azka R.

    I am very happy with the results, thank you so much. ...

    November 2017 | BR4, United Kingdom

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  • Sue A.

    Excellent decision to have this laser surgery and my vision is perfect now. ...

    November 2017 | SW18, United Kingdom

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  • Shaun B.

    At work - greater confidence without glasses. Hobbies - golf, waiting for eyes to settle down as whi...

    November 2017 | B91, United Kingdom

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  • Daniel B.

    I had been interested in laser vision correction for many years, but unsure if the benefits would ou...

    November 2017 | IG6, United Kingdom

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  • Rachel B.

    I was apprehensive about surgery as my long-sighted prescription was so high and there was no guaren...

    November 2017 | WS11, United Kingdom

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  • Micha B.


    November 2017 | N6, United Kingdom

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  • Maggie F.

    Yes I was anxious but the actual surgery was painless. Prof Reistein has such a calming disposition ...

    August 2017 | RH14, United Kingdom

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  • Gigi J.

    I was nervous too but thanks to all the info pack as well as youtube videos on LVC channel, I had a ...

    August 2017 | NW9, United Kingdom

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  • Rhodri E.

    Freeing myself of glasses is a great benefit. I am an amateur tenor singer so this is a bonus when g...

    August 2017 | SY23, United Kingdom

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