Judge us on our results and research

The clearest evidence of any laser eye surgeon’s skill is his or her results. At the London Vision Clinic, we’re justly proud of our results, which are among the very best in the world. For example:

  • 99% of our PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision patients (a pioneering treatment for the effects of ageing eyes and reading vision) can read N8, or normal newsprint.
  • 89% of all PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision patients including long-sighted, short-sighted and astigmatism eyes can read small print (i.e. stock quotes) without glasses.
  • 96% of our laser eye surgery patients achieve the full standard of 20/20 vision. Over half of these achieve even better vision.
  • 97% of our ICL patients (for myopia up to -18D) are seeing within 1 chart line of their pre-op best spectacle-corrected vision, with 42% seeing better without glasses than before surgery with glasses.

Even the best can improve

Our Laser Eye Surgery results and the research we garner from them aid us in improving our offerings daily. Our eye surgeons and laser treatment research team analyse the results of each and every operation. Very few other clinics invest in this level of research and analysis. But we believe it’s invaluable to helping us find new ways to improve our results even further.

This is why we hold training courses throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more about attending one of London Vision Clinic’s Forefront Refractive Surgery courses, you can register here.

Our Laser Eye Surgery results can best be explained by the patients we assist. To find out more, you can check out some of the testimonials of our patients here.

Find out more about the various eye conditions that can be treated with Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic.

Our statistical outcomes

We understand that we’re only as good as our last patient’s results. That is why we are so passionate about the pursuit of perfection. We’re not just trying to do our best; we’re aiming to be the best Laser Eye Surgery clinic in the world.

Comparing Laser Eye Surgery results

It’s not always easy to compare the results of different Laser Eye Surgery clinics. If a clinic only accepts simpler cases, for example, it’s likely to achieve generally good results — but only for a limited number of patients.

We publish all our results in clear, detailed, separate tables so that you can compare like with like. You won’t find this level of clarity and transparency in most Laser Eye Clinics results, but we believe it’s fundamental in building the open, trusting relationship we have with our patients.

For more information on laser eye technology and the latest research, here is an extensive list of our peer-reviewed publications on laser eye research.

Want to know what YOU can expect from having Laser Eye Surgery? Contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators to have a chat about your Laser Eye Surgery results.