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Our screening process takes longer at the London Vision Clinic and is more thorough than almost any other clinic. In fact, we think it’s one of the most comprehensive assessments in the world. It’s not because we have a laid back work ethic. It’s because we believe the amazing complexity of the eye and the range of different degrees of eye conditions out there make it necessary to have a wide variety of scans, measurements, and tests.

All this inevitably means we cost more than the standard Laser Eye Surgery clinic. So are we worth the extra cost?

Absolutely. The assessment process is one of the most crucial parts of having Laser Eye Surgery. The higher the level of safety, depth, and accuracy of the clinic’s tests, the lower the chance of complications and greater the standard of results.

But we’ve only just scraped the surface of why to choose us as your Laser Eye Surgery clinic. Here at the London Vision Clinic, we have some of the world’s best laser eye surgeons equipped with the most advanced laser technology available. This ensures that right through from the initial assessment to our extended aftercare regime, your vision could not be in better hands.

Laser Eye Surgery you can trust

It’s all about trust. Your eyesight is priceless. You owe it to yourself to check every option (including ours) thoroughly before deciding. You’ll find our results for Laser Eye Surgery are among the best in the world.

That’s primarily thanks to our surgical team, who’ve been handpicked for being some of the most specialised and highly trained surgeons in the field.

Individually tailored Laser Eye Surgery

Every eye is unique. The only way to get the best possible result is to tailor the treatment precisely to each eye. So that’s what we do.

Your surgeon will calibrate the laser according to your personal treatment plan, based on what is almost certainly the most rigorous and detailed eye exam you’ll ever have.

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision: no more reading glasses

Everyone’s vision deteriorates after a certain age. Usually, that means reading glasses. But we’ve developed PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, a revolutionary laser eye treatment that can free you from reading glasses for many years.

We adjust one eye to work mostly for distance and a little for up close, and the other mostly for up close and a little for distance. The brain soon learns to combine the two, giving excellent short and long vision.

High profile treatments for very high prescriptions

Many clinics say Laser Eye Surgery can’t help severely short or long sight. But the London Vision Clinic is uniquely well-equipped to treat very high prescriptions.

We offer exceptionally rigorous testing–using the world’s most accurate corneal scanner, the Artemis Insight 100™ (co-invented by Professor Reinstein). This means we can fine-tune the laser for safe, effective treatment of even the highest of prescriptions.

The best takes time

You’ll pay more for Laser Eye Surgery with us than with most other clinics. That’s because we’re only interested in achieving the highest possible standards–no matter how long it takes.

Our appointments can last two or three times longer than other clinics’. We take meticulous, detailed measurements of each eye and create a personalised treatment programme unique to you. That’s how we achieve our world-renowned results—even in the more difficult cases which other clinics won’t take.

It takes longer and costs a little more. But when it comes to your vision, compromises are out of the question. To find out how we can help you, at no obligation, contact one of our friendly Patient Care Coordinators today.


Our optometrists are highly skilled, highly qualified professionals. They run the uniquely rigorous Ophthalmic Exams every London Vision Clinic patient takes before Laser Eye Surgery.

If you have any questions about your vision, the testing, or indeed the surgery itself, your optometrist will be only too happy to answer them. You should never feel you are ‘wasting our time’ with questions, or being over-anxious: if it matters to you, it matters to us.

Meet our Optometrists

Patient Care Coordinators

The first person you’ll meet at the clinic is your Patient Care Coordinator or ‘PCC’. He or she will be your main contact with the clinic throughout your eye treatment, providing a consistent and reassuring presence and an overall unrivalled Laser Eye Surgery experience.

Your PCC will be very familiar with all the details of your laser eye treatment and able to answer almost any question you have. And when you need a more expert medical opinion, ask, and they’ll get it for you.

Meet our Patient Care Coordinators

Nursing Team

Our nurses are essential to the clinical expertise at the London Vision Clinic. Throughout your laser eye treatment, your nursing team will be dedicated to both your clinical and emotional well-being.

Calm, expert, and reassuring, a nurse will always be on hand to answer any questions and keep a watchful eye over you before, during, and after surgery.

Meet our Nursing Team


Here at the London Vision Clinic, we believe research is vital is making sure we offer the highest standards in Laser Eye Surgery. We are unique, being one of the only private clinics to employ a fulltime research staff including our Research Manager Dr Tim Archer and Dr Ryan Vida.

The research team reviews the outcome of every single procedure performed at the clinic. They monitor results and search ceaselessly for ways to refine our Laser Eye Surgery techniques even further, so we can offer even more impressive results.

Meet our Researchers

Admin and Management

Clear, accurate administration and management is vital for creating a reassuring, high-quality service for patients. Polite, thorough and professional — whatever the need or the pressures of the day, our admin and management team are invaluable in keeping everything running smoothly.

Meet Admin and Management

Clinic Coordinators

Our Clinic Coordinators keep everything at the clinic running smoothly. They’re essential in making sure you always enjoy the highest possible standard of service and care.

They make sure all the admin is managed smoothly, from arranging (and rearranging) appointments to finding you the ideal cafe for lunch in nearby Marylebone. Whatever you need, ask.

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