Whereas many laser eye surgeons combine refractive surgery with other work, Prof Reinstein, Mr Carp, and Mr Stuart have chosen to devote their professional lives to the field of Laser Eye Surgery.

We don’t just perform Laser Eye Surgery itself. We’re also continually researching techniques and refining our laser eye treatments. It’s this unswerving dedication to the field that helps us delivers such outstanding Laser Eye Surgery results, and which has made our eye surgeons among the most respected in their field. We believe this to be so true that many of the team have had surgery.

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World-class Surgeons.

Our dedication to the highest possible standards runs throughout the London Vision Clinic team. We hand-pick each of our Optometrists, Patient Care Coordinators, Nursing Team, Researchers, Admin and Management, and Clinic Coordinators for their expertise and natural enthusiasm in going the extra mile to ensure unrivalled care and service.

Professor Dan Reinstein

Professor Reinstein founded the London Vision Clinic, and leads our team day-to-day. He is one of the small group of specialists who pioneered, and continue to refine, the techniques and technology of Laser Eye Surgery. And he is one of the UK’s few Ophthalmic Surgeons to dedicate his professional life to this field.

Meet Prof Reinstein

Mr Glenn Carp

Mr Carp is one of the UK’s best and most highly trained laser eye surgeons, as well as a distinctly accomplished ophthalmic surgeon. He won the Tetski Patterson Award for Clinical Research in his native South Africa, and studied Laser Eye Surgery for 18 months with Professor Reinstein before joining the London Vision Clinic.

Meet Mr Glenn Carp

Mr Alastair Stuart

In 2017, Professor Reinstein and Mr Carp appointed Mr Stuart as a surgeon at the London Vision Clinic.

Mr Stuart is registered as a specialist in Ophthalmology with the General Medical Council and is a fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Meet Alastair Stuart

Cataract Surgeons

Expert surgeons using state of the art technology with access to a full complement of premium lenses ensures that Intraocular Surgery at London Vision Clinic is personalised and optimised to achieve the best possible outcome.

Meet our Cataract Surgeons

Retinal Surgeons

Prof. Paulo E. Stanga is a Consultant Ophthalmologist & Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Professor of Ophthalmology and Retinal Regeneration (Univ. of Manchester – Research) and has worked in Ophthalmology for nearly 30 years.

As a leading Vitreo-Retinal Specialist, Prof. Stanga routinely treats all conditions affecting the vitreous, retina and macula.

Meet our Retinal Surgeons
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